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News: Presenting the Urwerk UR-100 Space Time. Two 25-piece Limited Editions.

The Urwerk UR-100 was inspired by a 19th century pendulum clock —a present to Felix Baumgartner from his father Geri, a now-retired renowned clock restorer— made by Gustave Sandoz for the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago. The regulator-style dial does not show time. Instead it shows the distance of the Earth’s rotation at the equator. The extra-long pendulum beats every 2.16 seconds, making every oscillation one kilometer. The main dial has a scale of 10,000 kilometers, shown in units of 100 kilometers, so that each tick —half oscillation— indicates 500 meters traveled on the Earth’s surface—at the equator. The top subdial —10 km— is divided into 10 units, while the lower subdial showing a total of 40,000 km —approximately the equatorial circumference of the Earth— is divided into increments of 1,000 km.

News: Presenting the New Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date Limited Edition for North America

Following the successful launch of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris collection at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva last year, the Grande Maison is extending the Polaris line with a special new creation: the Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date Llimited Edition for North America. Produced in a limited series of 800 pieces, the new Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Date combines the Manufacture’s high-watchmaking expertise with contemporary proportions, vintage design motifs, and several important aesthetic changes.

News: Presenting the Audemars Piguet Millenary Frosted Gold Philosophique ref. 77266. A Stunning One-Handed Timepiece.

In the 70s, the advent of quartz shook the foundation of the watchmaking industry, spurring watchmakers to find innovative solutions to the ravages caused by the emergence of this new technology. The Manufacture responded by breaking mechanical records with its world’s thinnest perpetual calendar mechanism in 1978, as well as by releasing revolutionary mechanical watches combining tradition and avant-garde design. Audemars Piguet introduced its first hand-wound “Philosophique” watch in 1982, inviting wearers to question the notion of passing time. This model referred back to the beginning of time measurement devices, which were equipped with a single hour hand until the beginning of the 18th century to simplify energy transmission.

News: Presenting the Vacheron Constantin Cornes de Vache 1955 Stainless Steel

After the successful release of the Vacheron Constantin Historiques Cornes de Vache 1955 chronograph ref. 5000H/000R-B059 in pink gold and in platinum in 2016 and 2015 respectively, the Cornes de Vache 1955 reissue makes its appearance now in stainless steel for the very first time. Born in 1955 in the effervescence of the post-war years, the "Cornes de vache" model, named after its characteristic shape of its lugs, quickly established itself as one of the emblematic chronographs of its time. Bearing reference 6087 and produced in extremely limited numbers, it is today one of the most sought-after models among devotees of the Maison. In the vintage spirit of its Historiques collection, Vacheron Constantin is offering a reissue of this steel piece characterised by a blend of tradition and stylistic original design. See the original model below.

News: MB&F Presents the T-Rex Clock in Collaboration with L’Epée 1839

At the beginning of July 2019, MB&F unveiled a Piece Unique called ‘Tom & T-Rex’ for the‘Only Watch’ auction. As explained at the time, it was the first example of a new series of clocks called ‘T-Rex’, which launches today. T-Rex is the eleventh co-creation between MB&F and expert clockmakers L’Epée 1839, who master the engineering and peerless manufacturing. To create the piece, Max Büsser worked with another Max, namely designer Maximilian Maertens who modeled the clock’s legs from actual Tyrannosaurus Rex bones.

News: Panerai Presents Six New Luminor Due Models. PAM 926, PAM 927, PAM 964, PAM 1043, PAM 1045 & PAM 1046.

In keeping with the genetics of the Luminor Due family, Panerai presents five new watches. Three watches with a 38 mm case, two in 42 mm and one in 45 mm. The new watches have been mechanically redesigned in terms of size and consequently they are innovative. Out of the five watches, three new models —PAM 926, PAM 927 and PAM 964— shared a brushed titanium case and a blue satiné soleil finish of the dial. On the other hand, two models feature a highly polished stainless steel case and one last one in the new Goldtech alloy. All of them are united in being powered with in-house movements and quickly changeable straps.

News: IWC, Panerai and A. Lange & Söhne Open Boutiques in Chicago. A First for all three Brands.

IWC, Panerai and A. Lange & Söhne announced today the opening of their new boutiques in Chicago. Situated in Chicago’s coveted Gold Coast Historic District, all three storefronts will be centrally located in the heart of the city at the famed Waldorf Astoria, just a few steps away from Oak Street Beach. This key city is a first for all three brands who have chosen to set down roots in America’s third most populous city because of the passionate collector community and rich culture. At nearly 10 million inhabitants, ‘The Windy City’ attracts an average of 35 million visitors every year. The three boutiques are located at 11 East Walton Street, at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, and will be operated by Burdeen’s Jewelry. Burdeen’s has served the Chicago area since 1980.

News: Breitling Announces Sponsorship of Professional Golfer Gary Woodland

Breitling has appointed professional golfer Gary Woodland as a new "Friend of the Brand" in the United States. Woodland has competed on the PGA Tour since 2009, has four wins, most recently winning the U.S. Open in 2019, his first major championship and sixth professional victory. In honor of his recent U.S. Open victory, the 119 th U.S. Open in history, Breitling USA President Thierry Prissert presented Mr. Woodland with a special Breitling Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 46 USA Limited Edition, the #119 of only 200 made. The Breitling Superocean Heritage II Chronograph 46 USA Limited Edition features a steel case, black bezel and green dial on a steel Ocean Classic bracelet.

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News: Presenting the Panerai Submersible Goldtech PAM 974. A New Gold Alloy for the Brand.

Back in 2017, Panerai released the Luminor Submersible 1950 3 Days Oro Rosso PAM 684 which was the first Panerai Submersible with a 42 mm case in red gold and a water resistance to a depth of 100 meters. Today, two years later, Panerai presents the Submersible Goldtech PAM 974 also in 42 mm but with a case made out of Goldtech. This new gold alloy, unlike standard gold, is made with a percentage of copper and platinum that imbues the material with a rich and intense red hue, one that is both strikingly modern and uniquely timeless.

News: Presenting the IWC Big Pilot's Watch Right-Hander. A 250-Piece Limited Edition.

In a first for the company, IWC Schaffhausen has released a new version of its coveted Big Pilot’s Watch to be worn on the right wrist. This special edition of the classic IWC is the Big Pilot’s Watch Edition “Right-hander.” Featuring a new twist, the positioning of the iconic, conical-shaped crown, which is located on the left-hand side of the case. The “Right-hander” is much more practical to operate for those who wear their watch on the right wrist. Given that almost 40% of pilots are thought to be left-handed, and therefore wear their watches on the right, it is a fitting development for this IWC line, which has such a rich history in the field of aviation.

News: Audemars Piguet to Open Boutique in Atlanta with Watches of Switzerland

With boutiques firmly established in New York, Las Vegas, East Hampton, Bal Harbour and Beverly Hills, Audemars Piguet will open an exciting new boutique in Atlanta, Georgia. In a natural and auspicious pairing, the brand will partner with The Watches of Switzerland Group for the brand’s latest location in the popular Lenox Square shopping center that will open at the end of July. Since 1959, Lenox Square has been the premier shopping destination for high-end shoppers in the Southeast.  Located in the heart of the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Lenox Square offers an unparalleled shopping experience.

News: Jaeger-LeCoultre Main Sponsor of the 76th Venice International Film Festival

Maintaining its commitment to the culture of filmmaking and the preservation of cinematic heritage, La Grande Maison will celebrate the 15th anniversary of its partnership with the Venice International Film Festival this year. As main sponsor of the Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre will be actively involved in all of its highlights, adorning the stars with its finest timepieces and presenting a personalized Reverso watch to the winners of the most prestigious awards: Best Film —Leone d’Oro, the Golden Lion Award—, Best Actress and Best Actor of the year —Coppa Volpi Awards— and the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement —Leone d’Oro alla carriera.

News: Presenting the MB&F Legacy Machine No. 2 Red Gold Blue. Limited Edition of 12 Pieces.

Initially launched in 2013, the MB&F Legacy Machine No. 2 was only available in 18K white gold with dark grey dial, 18K rose gold with silver dial, a limited edition of 18 pieces in platinum with blue dial and in an 18-piece limited edition in titanium with its strikingly beautiful vivid blue greenish dial. Then, a fourth iteration of the MB&F LM2 was released last year 2018 in white gold with an unconventional purple dial. MB&F started using purple as far back as 2011 in their winding rotors on the HM3 Frog Zr, HM5 CarbonMacrolon and on the HM8 Only Watch. Today, six years later from its original launch and less than a year later after the release of the purple edition, MB&F presents the last edition ever of the Legacy Machine No. 2 in an 18K red gold case with a striking blue dial.

News: Armin Strom Minute Repeater Resonance. Celebrating 10 Years of its Fully Integrated Manufacture.

Continuing to up their game, Armin Strom presents the world’s first and only resonance chiming wristwatch. The new Masterpiece 2 Minute Repeater Resonance offers two incredible complications with its resonance capabilities and a minute repeater. Fitted with two vertically-stacked independent movements; two forms of resonance —oscillators and sound propagation; two independent mainsprings in one barrel; and two top development teams in Armin Strom and Le Cercle des Horlogers for the minute repeater part of things. Limited to only 10 pieces, the Armin Strom Minute Repeater Resonance celebrates the 10th anniversary of its fully integrated manufacture. Cased in grade 5 titanium, the Masterpiece 2 Minute Repeater Resonance gets its inspiration from Bern’s centuries old chiming tower clock.

News: Panerai Presents Four New Military Green Dial Radiomirs. Edizione Verde Militare PAM 995, PAM 997, PAM 998 and PAM 999.

Four brand new Radiomir watches have just been released by Panerai sporting striking military green dials. Referred to as ‘Edizione Verde Militare’ in Italian —Military Green Edition—, these new four Radiomir watches are exclusively sold at the Panerai boutique network and not at the authorized dealers. Fitted with matte military green dials, the watches seek to blend in with jungle surroundings as Panerai has chosen this identifying color, reinforcing their strong historic identity and military lineage. Four interpretations, unequivocally individual in their functions, dimensions and the materials of which they are made, but conceptually connected by a common visual code of recognition as well as by the aesthetic language of the Radiomir case…

News: MB&F Tom & T-Rex Clock. A Collaboration with L'Epée 1839 for ONLY Watch Auction.

All previous MB&F Machines created for the ONLY Watch Auction up to date were unique pieces from existing collections that incorporated visual elements related to the auction. For this year’s ONLY Watch Auction, MB&F and L’Epée have teamed up yet again, to make an incredible clock never released before. The clock seeks to highlight the special nature of the auction. The unconventional, highly metaphorical table clock was created with a small sculpture of a young boy named Tom who represents the children living with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy —the cause behind this auction and a degenerative disease that causes the gradual loss of basic motor functions, including the ability to walk. Tom rides a T-Rex friend, who carries him away into fantastical realms as a symbol of the hope offered by the ONLY Watch Auction to the children affected by the disease.

News: ONLY WATCH Auction to Include 50 Unique Pieces from 52 Watch Brands

Under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and due to the initiative of Luc Pettavino, President of the Association Monégasque Contre les Myopathies, ONLY WATCH is proud to unveil today the names of the 52 watch brands participating in the 8th edition of the biennial charity auction benefiting research on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, as well as the 50 lots that will be auctioned. This exceptional and unparalleled project supports the battle against a devastating myopathy that affects 1 in 3000 male births on the planet by funding research. It is expected, this year again, to become the most talked-about topic in the watchmaking industry.

News: Introducing the new HYT SOONOW. A Total of 313 Gold Pins Make the Skull on its Dial.

There are moments when we want now to last forever. At other times, soon can’t come fast enough. The new HYT SOONOW has the answer. Its intriguing and captivating presentation of time’s flow is a constant reminder that every second counts. Because these moments are what add together. “Now or never” is so yesterday. HYT defines the present as an energizing cliffhanger, never as a precariously suspended moment of gratification or information on demand. The meaning of time is the content we give it, every single step of the way. The new HYT SOONOW showcases this dynamic view of the now as a mobile pivotal point between the path traveled so far, and what could potentially lie ahead.

News: Introducing the new MB&F HM7 Aquapod Platinum Red. A 25-Piece Limited Edition.

Having captivated the world with its soaring tourbillon and perfect symmetries over the last two years, the jellyfish-inspired HM7 Aquapod emerges from the depths for a new outing in 2019, this time in the most precious of metals and an arresting new shade. Platinum, which sits at the apex of the hierarchy of noble watchmaking materials, makes its debut in HM7, its bright silvery white hue an emphatic counterpoint to the vividly crimson red unidirectional rotating bezel. Used for the first time in any MB&F creation, red is not a color that immediately comes to mind when thinking of marine life.

News: Label Noir Creates the First Rolex Daytona Tourbillon Customization Using a ref. 116520

A world premiere by Label Noir is the new Rolex Daytona Tourbillon inspired by the mythical Daytona Paul Newman. Produced on special order for a customer who wishes to remain anonymous, this unique piece will be delivered after four exhibitions in Geneva, Paris, St-Tropez and Monaco. Before being released to its owner, this very first Rolex Daytona Tourbillon fully customized by Label Noir is in the safe custody of watchmaker Emmanuel Curti, a member of the venerable Société Suisse de Chronométrie —SSC— and CEO of Label Noir.