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Insider: Hysek Design La Colonne du Temps Mechanical Clock. A 55-Piece Limited Edition with an Incredible Mechanism.

After decades designing some of the most iconic watches including the Breguet Marine, the Vacheron Constantin 222, the TAG Heuer Kirium and the Seiko Kinetic Actura, Jorg Hisek decided to launch his own agency named Hysek Design in the late 1990s, after four years working at the Rolex design department. After launching his own watch brand and selling it years later, Jorg Hysek marks his comeback to the watch industry with the release of a very special 50-piece limited edition clock called 'La Colonne du Temps' —the column of time.

Experience: The Gastown Steam Clock. The World's First Steam Powered Clock and a Must See When Visiting Vancouver BC Canada.

Designed and built by Canadian horologist Raymond L. Saunders and located in Vancouver BC, Canada, the Gastown Steam Clock is the world's first steam powered clock and a must see for those in love with city clocks and horology. Situated at the northeast corner of Water Street and Cambie Street, this beautiful clock whistles the Westminster chimes every quarter hour and a single whistle every hour. One of the few steam powered clocks in the world, the antique-looking Gastown Steam Clock was inaugurated only 40 years ago on September 24th, 1977.