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Experience: The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. A Must Visit for Porsche Lovers.

If you’re as big of a fan of Porsches as we are here at WCL, a visit to the Porsche Museum and the factory is a must, at least once in your lifetime. Located 15 minutes away from Stuttgart’s city center in Zuffenhausen, the Porsche Museum is a temple for those wanting to learn everything about Porsche’s history and immerse themselves in one of the most beautiful modern architecture spaces in the world. The Porsche Museum opened its doors on the last day of January in 2009 after four years of construction. The project had one goal, to perpetuate the history of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG. The firm responsible for taking on the project, Austrian —at the end of the day Ferdinand Porsche was Austrian— Delugan Meissl Associated Architects were chosen amongst 170 firms all over Europe that pitched the project.

Experience: Ferrari 488 Spider. Unmistakable Like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chrono with Blue Dial.

Despite we are big Porsche fans here at WCL, a red Ferrari is always one of those cars that sparks our interest and one that we consider to be very special, much like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Chronograph with blue dial. Just like a Ferrari stands out from the crowd, the same goes for an AP Royal Oak Chrono and no matter where in the world you are, both a Ferrari and a Royal Oak have a very unmistakable look. For the last 71 years, Ferrari has been the benchmark when it comes to legendary sports cars and for 46 years, AP changed the course of the watch industry with the release of the Royal Oak in 1972.

Experience: When Salvage Ferrari Parts Become Sculptures by James Ferrari. The Incredible World of Ferrari Turned into Works of Art.

Here at WCL we are suckers for good art and especially when works of art are the result of unlimited creativity and true originality. After stumbling upon the Ferrari Gallery in the Dallas Design District, we were just blown away by what we had just discovered. Geared with the proper wrist companion, a Hublot Big Bang Unico Carbon Ferrari, we embarked in a discovery of sculptures worthy of the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva. These incredible sculptures created out of salvage Ferrari parts from modern Ferraris including the iconic 308, the 328, the 512 Testarossa, the 360 or even the 550 Maranello just to name a few, are not only very unique and eye-catching but true works of art made by the skilled hands of a true artist.

Experience: The 2018 Rally Maya with Franck Muller. When You Load a Ferry with 110 Classic Cars Worth Millions.

For a second year in a row, WCL joined the Rally Maya in its 5th edition this past weekend. This exceptionally orchestrated rally with a route that reaches the confines of the most remote roads through the Yucatán Peninsula kicked-off this year from Cozumel. Despite the bad weather in Cozumel during the first days of the rally and the day before our departure, the organizers were able to successfully load 110 classic cars —worth millions of dollars— plus a dozen support vehicles on a ferry that took off from Cozumel towards Punta Venado —near Playa del Carmen— from where we would be heading towards Tulum.

Experience: Ferrari F12 TDF Tour de France. An Exclusive Limited Edition of Only 799 Cars.

Not everyday, one runs into the ultra exclusive Ferrari F12tdf. The Ferrari F12 TDF —Tour de France— pays homage to the Tour de France, the legendary endurance road race that Ferrari dominated in the 1950s and 60s, particularly with the 1956 250 GT Berlinetta which won four consecutive editions. It was a race that rewarded cars that combined maximum performance with the driveability and ease of use that enabled the competitors to race for hundreds of kilometers a day over fast, tortuous roads and on circuits.

Experience: Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared. When a 'Beast' Meets Two AP Original Royal Oak Offshore 'Beasts'.

With a size that dwarfs the regular Mercedes-Benz G Wagon, the MB G550 4×4² is one helluva a 'Beast' and a new highlight in the history of the G-Class that blends all the advantages of the model series. Drop shipped in all the way in from Graz, Austria, manufactured by Magna Steyr, the 'Geländewagen' was originally developed as a military vehicle upon request of the Shah of Iran and launched for civilian use in 1979. But what makes this Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4 Squared a real 'Beast' is its 88 inches —2.2 meters— height and its impressive ground clearance at 18 inches —almost half a meter.

Experience: 1962 Porsche 356B T6 Karmann 'Notchback' Coupé. The Iconic and Legendary Ugly Duckling from Porsche.

It's been a while since we last ran into an interesting car that is really worth talking about. Just a couple of days ago, we ran into Porsche's ugly duckling, the 356B T6 Notchback Coupé with its custom coachwork by Karmann. Even though the Porsche 'Notchback' was only produced for two years —1961 and 1962— and only about 1900 cars were ever made, today its collectability has regained momentum despite of its 1600cc flat 4-cylinder engine with a super low 60 hp.

Experience: 1958 Porsche 356 Cabriolet Auratium Green. One of Our Favorite All-Time Classic Porsches.

As the Porsche lovers that we are, we all know that there's a special aura that surrounds driving or just looking at a Porsche 356 pass us by. But that aura turns into a triple whammy when that Porsche 356 happens to be painted in the legendary Auratium Green color and when it happens to also be a Cabrio with ivory interiors. The Porsche 356 was the first car ever produced by Porsche...

Experience: The 2017 Rally Maya with Franck Muller. A Week with Classic Cars and Wristwatches Throughout the Yucatan Peninsula.

A week ago, with had the pleasure of joining Franck Muller Mexico at the 4th edition of the 2017 Rally Maya they were sponsoring. The 4th edition of this classic car rally created by Benjamin de la Peña Mora —a renowned Notary and classic car collector from Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico— took place from May 19th through May 28th, 2017 with a route that extended over 700 kilometers across the Yucatan Peninsula.

Experience: Ferrari California T Handling Speciale. Better when Paired with a Hublot LaFerrari King Gold.

Originally launched in 2008 as a hard-top retractable convertible Ferrari, the Ferrari California gained a lot of followers and attention from those looking for an entry-level Ferrari —if that is even possible— and a 'Cavallino Rampante' that offered the ability to seat more than two. Following the success of the Ferrari California, in 2016, Ferrari launched the California T, a turbocharged California with an 8-cylinder 3.9-liter engine capable of delivering a 553 horsepower.

Experience: Michael Schumacher's Ferrari F1-2000. The Car in Which Schumi Won his Third World Championship and the Constructors' Championship for Ferrari.

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending a special event here in Dallas with our good friends at de Boulle —featured here. This was one of those 'just because we can' type of events featuring Michael Schumacher's Ferrari F1-2000 as the guest of honor. The Ferrari F1-2000 was a Formula One car designed by Rory Byrne for the year 2000 Season. This car featuring improved aerodynamics when compared to its predecessors, is the same car that Schumi drove during the season, to obtain his third World Driver's Championship and the first World Constructors' championship for the Ferrari team in 16 years.

Experience: A Day at the IndyCar Series Firestone 600 with Armin Strom. A Perfect Day at the Garages and the Pits of the Texas Motor Speedway.

Last Monday, we brought you the news about the new Armin Strom Max Chilton Edition Edge Double Barrel right here. For the unveiling of the watch, we spent an unforgettable day with our friends from Biel at the Texas Motor Speedway in order to watch the IndyCar Firestone 600 race in Fort Worth, Texas. With a rainy forecast ahead of us, we geared up with our Armin Strom Edge Double Barrel and decided to spend most of the time inside the Chip Ganassi Racing Team hospitality tent and the garages.

Experience: Zenith Uber Baselworld 2016 Classic Car Rides. The Best Way to Move Around Basel this Year and Totally Free.

Without a doubt, Baselworld brings the best creativity in event planning from all the brands involved in the world's largest watch and jewelry show. Every year we come to Baselworld, beyond the amazing watch novelties we get to review, we are also blown away by the brands' displays, their pavilions, the unforgettable parties and the food and aperitifs we enjoy in their lounges. However, in the last five years, we haven't seen such a clever idea, like the one Zenith had this year.

Experience: A Day with Wheel Experts and WX Watches. Bringing Bespoke Luxury Vehicle Cutomization and Watches to the Next Level.

When luxury cars, bespoke wheels, body kits —we are not talking about the models here—, luxury watches and beautiful women intertwine, the result is a captivating day with an unforgettable photo shoot. Guys, you won't want to miss reading the rest of this article. In more than 25 years collecting watches, we've met some interesting folks in the watch collecting world. However, only a handful of times we've ran into passionate watch collectors like our friends at Wheel Experts Automotive Group.

Experience: Porsche 911 Carrera S with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad ref. 25940OK. A Match Made in Heaven.

In the past, we've also featured a Porsche 911 Carrera S in the company of a Richard Mille RM015 Le Mans Classic here. This time, we bring you what we think is one of the best matches between a car and a watch, what we like to call a 'match made in heaven'. The Porsche 911 Carrera S a.k.a. 991 is a one of those cars that exudes power whichever way you look at it and what better match to it than a discontinued Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad ref. 25940OK.OO.D002CA.02.

News: Breguet Acquires a Dashboard Chronograph Specially Created for Bugatti. Meet The Breguet No. 2023.

Breguet continues to expand its collection of antique pieces with the recent acquisition of their watch No. 2023, a special dashboard chronograph specially made for Bugatti. The Breguet Chronographe Spécial Pour Bugatti No. 2023 was purchased on February 6th, 2016 at an auction that took place in Paris. The Breguet No. 2023 watch testifies to the brilliant and remarkable diversification demonstrated by the Maison throughout its history. The dashboard chronograph No. 2023 was acquired from Artcurial during the closing auction of the Rétromobile Exhibition, an unmissable event for classic car enthusiasts.

Experience: 1964 Ferrari 250 Le Mans by Scaglietti. When You Stumble Into a Legendary $14-18 Million USD Racing Car.

It's been a while since we've ran into a special automobile worthy of featuring. Today, we bring you one of the most legendary Ferraris and classic cars ever made, with only thirty-two examples ever produced and its price tag anywhere between $14-18 Million USD. The Ferrari 250 Le Mans, a.k.a Ferrari 250 LM, was presented at the end of 1963 to replace the Ferrari 250 GTO. Originally produced to compete in the GT class, the 250 Le Mans was forced to compete as a sports-prototype since Ferrari didn't meet the 100-vehicle requirement that the FIA stipulated at the time. The Ferrari P series cars, were mid-engine prototype racing machines that at the same time, were street legal. The predecessor to the Ferrari 250 LM was the Ferrari 250 GTO, evolving into a mid-engine racing car sold to the general public and released under the name Ferrari 250 Le Mans. Launched at the Paris Auto Show at the end of 1963, the Le Mans became very successful among the elite of private car racers around the globe. A winner of the 1965 '24 Hours of Le Mans', the 250 LM stands as the last Ferrari to win at an Endurance Race.

Experience: A Vintage Racing Weekend with Zenith at the Circuit of the Americas. Simply an Unforgettable Experience. Part Two of Two.

If you read yesterday's post about our vintage racing weekend experience with Zenith, continue reading part two of this unbelievable weekend. Now, if you did not read yesterday's post, we advice you to first read part one here. Just as if day one of our vintage racing experience with Zenith wasn't exhilarating enough, wait till you see the last part of our time at the Circuit of the Americas. Could it get any better after what we posted yesterday? Well, it actually does. After a nice evening on Saturday filled with Negronis, Austin's staple Tito's Vodka and a few glasses of champagne, we woke up early morning on Sunday to head to the track for the Hawk Performance Historic GT/GTP Enduro race that was supposed to start at 10:15am. After gearing up with the Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Tour Auto Limited Edition and our matching red ear muffs, we arrived at the Paddock. Few minutes later, vintage and modern cars were about to start lining up on the pre-grid for the race.

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Experience: A Vintage Racing Weekend with Zenith at the Circuit of the Americas. Simply an Unforgettable Experience. Part One of Two.

This past weekend, we were part of a select group of invitees —mainly collectors— invited by Zenith watches to be part of an amazing vintage racing experience at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. The Circuit of the Americas —COTA— is a FIA Formula One grade track with 20 turns, a length of 3.427 miles —5.515 km— and home to the Formula One United States Grand Prix since 2012. Additionally, the circuit also hosts the MOTO GP of the Americas, the Road Racing World Championship, the FIA Endurance Championship and the SVRA U.S. Vintage Racing Championship amongst others. This weekend's experience courtesy of Zenith, was far from average and one that we will hardly ever forget. Being the crazy Formula One fans that we are, setting foot in the actual track, was a long life dream that was about to come true.

Experience: Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé. Riding Along with a Hublot King Power Unico King Gold.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé is one of the most technologically advanced and potent Rolls-Royce automobiles. The Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupé just like the Hublot King Power Unico King Gold, is one of those luxury items designed for those that are remarkably bold. Sir Henry Royce —co-founder of the company— once said: "Take the best that exists and make it better", well, Rolls-Royce is always at the forefront pushing the boundaries of design and engineering. With its power, style and class, the Phantom Coupé paired with the striking look of the Hublot King Power Unico King Gold white makes a statement wherever you go.

Inspired by the Phantom II Continental of the 1930s, the Phantom Coupé is a celebration of sporting style and glamour. Fitted with coach doors a.k.a 'suicide doors', the first thing you notice as you open them up is the captivating smell of its fine leather interior and the strikingly glamorous 1,600 individual fiber optics sewn into the headliner to create your very own star-filled sky.