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Experience: The House of Creed Aventus Cologne. Shades of Gray to Break the Rules.

The latest and greatest from The House of Creed since the launch of Viking in 2017 is the new Aventus Cologne. Despite this new fragrance could be considered by many purists as sacrilege, Creed went ahead and broke the rules just like Audemars Piguet did with the Royal Oak and launched this incredible scent after the huge success of Viking almost two years later. With its bottle dressed in gray, many would wonder why gray? Well, simply because the original Aventus for man is black and the Aventus for women is white.

Experience: Shanghai Tang Jade Dragon. Awakening Olfactory Travel Memories Alongside a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time.

Wearing a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time calls for exploration and world discoveries. We still remember like if it was yesterday the day we walked into the Shanghai Tang boutique in Kowloon during a hot and humid day in Hong Kong. If you’ve ever been to Hong Kong, the name Shanghai Tang is no stranger to you. Inspired by the Chinese cultural icons of the 1930s Bund, a glamorous time when Hong Kong was famous for its architecture, fashion, music and commercial activities, Shanghai Tang first opened in the iconic Pedder Building in Hong Kong as a unique concept store for customers looking for authentic Chinese products and bespoke tailoring.

Experience: Hermès Tonight Belt. Understated, Refined and Versatile Like a Royal Oak.

If you are a lover of all things Hermès and the Constance H belt seems now too popular for you to wear as everyone and their mother wears one, don’t worry. Not long ago, the brand with the gorgeous orange boxes released one of our all time favorite H-shaped belts. The latest by Hermès is the Tonight belt. Featuring a palladium plated buckle and a Togo calfskin leather reversible strap this buckle is just an outline of the famous letter ‘H’ so that you can see the color of your belt strap through it.

Experience: Leopine Kelly's Nightmare Swim Trunks. For Members of the 'No Waiting List Club'.

If you are an avid reader of WCL, you know that when it comes to swimwear we are suckers for Vilebrequin and nothing else. Despite that, we had to give Leopine swim trunks a try, no matter what. Leopine is a relatively newish brand that started selling swimwear and pocket squares a couple of years ago. With one of his founders totally immersed in the watch industry, they decided to launch a line that would cater to watch collectors by adding subtle horological touches to their swimsuits, socks and pocket squares. Designed in Barcelona and made in Portugal, Leopine offers products for those in the ‘No Waiting List Club’.

Experience: Hermès Leather Treasure. Perfectly Designed for those Exploring the World.

When you closely examine the orange hand on the Rolex Explorer II ref. 216570 —which we reviewed here—, you'll notice that its hue, is as close as it gets to the color of those fascinating orange boxes we love from Hermès. The Hermès Leather Treasure is a clever solution for those exploring the world and wanting to take a small amount of their favorite fragrances with them.

Experience: Smythson Oxblood Camouflage Burlington Cardholder & Passport Holder. One of the Sexiest Camo Patterns Out There.

A couple of years ago camouflage patterns became a thing, and most of the high-end leather goods manufacturers decided to jump on the bandwagon, some sooner rather than later. While it took Smythson of Bond Street a little longer than most, the Oxblood Camouflage Burlington Cardholder and Passport Holder are must have if you like camo leather goods. Since we’ve talked about Smythson a few times here at WCL, we don’t need to tell you much about their history but instead, focus on the cardholder and passport holder we have here.

Experience: Smythson Greenwich Holdall Bag. The Attention Grabber While Attending the SIHH in Geneva.

After receiving dozens of compliments about this bag during our time attending the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie Genève last month, we decided to do a feature on it and tell you everything about it. At the end of the day, we know you come to WCL for the extensive watch content but also because of the good life and the occasional Paella recipe on our Instagram stories —no pun intended. As we travel the world in search for new luxury items to fall in love with, bags are one of our biggest weaknesses here at WCL and Smythson of Bond Street along with Faure Le Page are among the top of our list due to their exclusivity and understated look, very much like wearing a stainless steel Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref. 15400ST with ruthenium toned dial.

Experience: Hermès Pavage Watch Box. There are Watch Boxes and Then There's this One.

When it comes to watch boxes, the options are infinite. From leather, to fabric, to wood, watch boxes come in all sorts of shapes and forms. And just like some watch boxes are meant to be taken around the world as you travel with your precious possessions, other watch boxes are meant to simply stay at home and be that one statement décor piece that you lust after day after day. Just like we like to say that there are watches and then there are certain watches, the same goes to watch boxes. There are watch boxes and then there’s the Hermès Pavage watch box for ten watches.

Experience: Ten Watches Perfect for Halloween. Trick-or-Treating with Your Wrist in Style.

Whether you like to celebrate Halloween or not, there are certain luxury timepieces that are perfectly suited for a day like today and that will make your wrist as stylish as it gets when you are out trick-or-treating. If you fancy ‘calaveritas’, skulls, orange dials, orange straps, orange accents or even ultra expensive watches with a case that will remind you of candy corn, then any of these ten watches is absolutely perfect for you. From Hublot to Richard Mille and even Audemars Piguet, these watches celebrate Halloween the right way.

Experience: Watch Art Pencil Drawings by Julie Kraulis. An Incredible Pencil Artist that Brings Watches to Life.

An incredible pencil artist like no other, Julie Kraulis is a visual artist from Toronto, Canada that has been drawing for as long as she can remember. This 36-year old artist discovered watches two years ago by pure serendipity and is currently focusing on an independent study of timepieces through a collection of graphite drawings that are out of this world. For her the pencil has been an extension of her hand, mind and soul. Since receiving a Bachelor of Design in Illustration at the Ontario College of Art & Design, she's spent most days in her studio with a pencil or paintbrush in hand working on a wide range of projects with clients worldwide.

Experience: Alfred Dunhill Boston Leather Envelope Cardholder. The Perfect Souvenir from the Launch of the Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Tourbillon in London.

A trip to London is never complete unless you make a pit stop at Harrods to stock up on some good old Alfred Dunhill stuff. Alfred Dunhill himself was a British tobacconist and founder of Alfred Dunhill Ltd. a London-based luxury goods company that today happens to be owned by the Richemont Group —yes, the same group that owns Vacheron Constantin, A. Lange & Söhne and Montblanc amongst other brands. What started as a small shop selling motoring accessories quickly became a tobacco shop that today is known as the tobacco Dunhill brand —now owned by British American Tobacco— and then years later progressed into a clothing store that evolved into one of the most important luxury goods brands in the world.

Experience: When Salvage Ferrari Parts Become Sculptures by James Ferrari. The Incredible World of Ferrari Turned into Works of Art.

Here at WCL we are suckers for good art and especially when works of art are the result of unlimited creativity and true originality. After stumbling upon the Ferrari Gallery in the Dallas Design District, we were just blown away by what we had just discovered. Geared with the proper wrist companion, a Hublot Big Bang Unico Carbon Ferrari, we embarked in a discovery of sculptures worthy of the MB&F M.A.D. Gallery in Geneva. These incredible sculptures created out of salvage Ferrari parts from modern Ferraris including the iconic 308, the 328, the 512 Testarossa, the 360 or even the 550 Maranello just to name a few, are not only very unique and eye-catching but true works of art made by the skilled hands of a true artist.

Experience: Lanvin Mesh Cross-Trainer Sneakers. Underrated Like a Titanium Royal Oak Offshore.

Here at WCL we are suckers for any sneakers made by Lanvin and these orange Mesh Cross-Trainer sneakers are the latest addition from the oldest haute couture brand to their wide selection of shoes and sneakers. While Balenciaga tries to make their oversized geek-ready 'wanna be cool' sneakers —that were truly designed to make small feet look big— a trend, Lanvin —founded in 1889 by Madame Jeanne Lanvin— releases well designed and proportioned sneakers for those with a discerning taste when it comes to shoes and watches.

Experience: Alfred Dunhill Cadogan Engine-Turn Slip Card Case. A Perfect Match for a GMT Watch.

As traditional billfold wallets become more scarce with the use of electronic currency and credit cards, well made cardholders have become a necessity and here at WCL they're one of those items we absolutely love. While the Alfred Dunhill Cadogan Engine-Turn Slip card case might not be as exclusive as pulling out a Faure Le Page or Goyard card holder, it still seems to be the perfect pairing for a Tudor Black Bay GMT; at the end of the day the Greenwich Mean Time —GMT— is the mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in London where Alfred Dunhill is from.

Experience: Jaquet Droz The Signing Machine. The King of All Automatons.

When we thought we had seen it all when it comes to Jaquet Droz, the brand wowed us one more time with the release of an object of desire unlike any other. If you thought it would be impossible that one day a mechanical machine would sign for you all your important documents with fresh ink, well, Jaquet Droz just decided to prove everyone wrong. This Jaquet Droz automaton is the ultimate luxurious toy for those that can have it all. By means of highly complex movements and driven by a set of cams that are handmade in order to produce a fluid, natural script, the Jaquet Droz Signing Machine duplicates its owner’s signature.

Experience: Céline Radical Sunglasses. Timeless and Classic Looking Like a Stainless Steel Royal Oak.

Don't be fooled by the word radical in their name, this royal blue Céline unisex shades look as classic and timeless as a stainless steel AP Royal Oak on the wrist. The late 60s inspired blue frames along with the smoky brown perfectly flat lenses and the triple-dot golden accents will make you like like Marcello Mastroianni hanging out around Lake Como. While black or brown —tortoise— frames are typically the most popular and common way to go when looking for sunglasses that match every outfit and every occasion, the same could be said about the king of all colors.

Experience: Salvatore Ferragamo Groove 2 Double Gancini Slide Sandals. Gearing up in Style for the Summer.

When it comes to blue shoes or beach sandals, no one does it better than Salvatore Ferragamo. This quintessential brand was launched in the early 1900s by its founder Salvatore Ferragamo. Having made his first pair of shoes at age nine for his sisters to wear at their church confirmation, Ferragamo studied the art of shoemaking in Napoli where he opened a small shoe store at his parent's home. After moving to Boston in 1914—where one of his brothers worked at a cowboy boot factory— and then to Santa Barbara, California in 1919, he opened his his own boot shop to quickly become the 'Shoemaker to the Stars'.

Experience: Hermès Eau de Pamplemousse Rose. A Fresh Fragrance Like the Sea.

As you probably have figured it out by now, we love everything that comes packed in orange boxes with brown markings. Therefore, we just added the Hermès Eau de pamplemousse rose 'cologne' to the fragrances that suit watchlifestylers very well. Especially because this 'cologne' can be shared by men and women as it is a unisex fragrance. The Eau de pamplemousse rose —pink grapefruit— follows the same notes and aromas as the iconic Eau d'Orange Verte —green orange— but with a fresher scent infused with floral notes of  roses.

Experience: Diptyque 'Tempo' Eau de Parfum. A Nod to 'The Sixties', Just like the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona ref. 116500.

The 1960s, was a one of the greatest decades of the modern era for many reasons. During 'The Sixties' not only man conquered space by landing and walking on the surface of the moon, but also one of the most iconic and legendary watches of all time was born. The Rolex Cosmograph was born in 1963 when a new exotic scent was changing the world. Born only two years after the release in 1961 of Dyptique's first fragrance 'L'Eau', the Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is today, as perfect as it was more than 50 years ago.

Experience: Fauré Le Page Messenger Bag. A Fantastic Bag from the Oldest French Luxury 'Maroquinier'.

Established 38 years earlier than Vacheron Constantin —which happens to be the oldest watch manufacture in the world founded in 1755 with over 260 years of uninterrupted history—, Fauré Le Page is today the oldest French luxury 'maroquinier' —leather goods company— in the world as it was established in 1717, more than a century before Goyard and Louis Vuitton. Much like a Vacheron Constantin Overseas Dual Time that is reserved for those that know, Fauré Le Page would be the equivalent when it comes to luxury leather goods.