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Baselworld 2018: Montres L&JR Chronograph S1503. A Watch that Screams Independent 'Haute Horlogerie' with a Surprising Price Tag.

When we first heard about the project that Philippe Cros, Jorg Hysek Jr. and Lionel Ladoire were working on, we knew something really special would be coming out of it. One of our favorite watches from Baselworld 2018 and a watch that knocked our socks off is the new L&JR Chronograph S1503 from the just launched Montres L&JR brand. This new Swiss watch brand brings a whole new approach to the watch industry gleamed from the expertise of its three founders.

Budget Watches: Seiko Presage Cocktail Time 'Starlight' SSA361 Limited Edition. At this Price Point, Years Ago a Dial Like this was Just Too Good to be True.

For our second installment ever of Budget Watches, we've decided to bring you a watch that we have been eyeing now for a few months. Introduced back in November 2017, the new Seiko Presage collection welcomed the addition of two new watches priced under $1,000 USD and inspired by cocktails created by Hisashi Kishi, the head bartender at Tokyo's 'Star Bar' located in the heart of the Ginza area.

Budget Watches: Gorilla Fastback Forged Carbon & Black Ceramic Watch. The Watch Launched by Octavio Garcia Former Head Designer for Audemars Piguet.

Today, we're starting a new section for those budget watches that we really like. Even though this is the first time we do a hands-on review of a watch at this price point, but we are absolutely thrilled to tell you everything about it. The new Gorilla Watches were recently officially launched by Octavio Garcia —former Chief Artistic Officer at Audemars Piguet for more than a decade— and his business partner Lukas Gopp —a former employee of brands like IWC, Sector, Ralph Lauren Watches and Audemars Piguet.