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Insider: New Seven Friday M1 Watch. The Traveling Watch Prototype We Woke Up With and Brought to Chicago With Us.

Since today is Friday, why not post the history behind this new Seven Friday M1 watch presented at Basel a couple of weeks ago. As you probably can imagine, the parties and after-parties during the week of Baselworld can get a little intense and out of control. Even when our friends from Seven Friday didn't have a booth or pavilion at Baselworld 2014, they did throw a great party kitty-corner from the main exhibition hall at the Fair & Square Restaurant right next door to the Swissôtel and brought with them some novelties.

Seven Friday is a brand that in a little bit over a year, has quickly become a very interesting 'watch phenomena' thanks to their viral marketing efforts and their huge solid fan base on Instagram. While we are not huge Seven Friday fans because of their use of automatic Japanese Miyota movements, we do have to say that we love their designs and that we find their watches very appealing and very reasonably priced. If you want a cool, inexpensive mechanical watch, look no further.

If you follow us on Instagram, you probably have already read the crazy story behind this prototype of the new Seven Friday M1 watch we are featuring here. Now, if you don't follow us on Instagram, you then need to go there and follow us, but regardless, here's the full story for you.

Upon our arrival at the Seven Friday party during Baselworld 2014, a good friend that represents the brand in the U.S. strapped this prototype of the new Seven Friday M1 to our right wrist. After several rounds of drinks, tons of collective wristshots with our good friends from Watch-Anish, MCT Manufacture Contemporaine du Temps, SLYDE, Icebox Diamonds & Watches, Seven Friday USA and even Seven Friday Mexico —represented by 'Los Hermanos Coraje' as we like to call them—, a food feast at a delicious Indian Restaurant and a very long train ride back to Zürich, we woke up the next morning with the watch still on our wrist. Here are some pics that should sum up the crazy night.

After contacting our friend to inform him about the watch that came with us the night before, he said: "just keep it", little did he know that what we had on the wrist was the prototype for the new Seven Friday M1. A day later, as we are heading back to Chicago and we are riding the tram between terminals at Zürich's airport, we were approached by two gentleman from Singapore asking us how we had gotten the new Seven Friday M1. We shared with them the crazy story behind the watch and we proceeded to take one of our usual collective wrist shots to celebrate the encounter.

To make a long story short, we landed in Chicago with the watch still on and surprised by a voice mail from Seven Friday asking for the watch back. Finally, after posting a few pictures of the watch on our Instagram and after taking some very close and personal pictures for our readers, we shipped the prototype of the new Seven Friday M1 back to its rightful owner. These macro shots should give you an excellent idea of what this new watch looks like and what they have in store for you later this year. One thing we love about this new model is that the hours, minutes and seconds are indicated by rotating discs with their respective apertures and with no hands at all. Nicely done Seven Friday!

Lastly, here's the picture that we took of the watch inside our Porsche that ended up circling the globe around Instagram after several watch blogs reposted it. Unfortunately, the guys from Seven Friday Venezuela felt it was OK to repost our picture without giving us photo credit and created a whole mess between us and some very close friends that reposted the image without knowing it was ours. Fortunately all is good now but remember, credit to whom credit is due.

Sticker Price Approximately $1,600 USD. For more info on Seven Friday click here.

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