From the Editor: Presenting the First Issue of Watch Collecting Lifestyle Magazine. Available Now.

Four years ago, I never thought that today I would be writing this announcement for the first issue of Watch Collecting Lifestyle Magazine. Turning from watch collector to journalist and becoming a leading voice in the watch industry has been one helluva journey. Never in my wildest dreams, I would’ve imagined that in only four years, would’ve become one of the top luxury watch digital content destinations worldwide and that today, I would be bringing our readers our first print copy. This magazine, curated by watch collectors for watch collectors is how I’ve chosen to continue to share my passion for horology with you.

As our online content coexists with this magazine, on a quarterly basis we will bring you the best content in our new magazine, so you have it at the tip of your fingers. Watch Collecting Lifestyle Magazine will let you live vicariously through my eyes and experience my favorite timepieces along with all the other fine things that I love and that make me the sybarite that I am today.

Our print magazine, just like our website, will continue to include exquisitely curated content including fashion, style, gastronomy, travel, automobiles, objects of desire and all the other fine things that watch collectors like to enjoy. Unlike other watch magazines, our magazine will exclusively include our very own photography and no stock images at all.

Now, please join me on this journey and become a sybarite yourself. You won’t regret it, I promise.