Experience: 1962 Porsche 356B T6 Karmann 'Notchback' Coupé. The Iconic and Legendary Ugly Duckling from Porsche.

It's been a while since we last ran into an interesting car that is really worth talking about. Just a couple of days ago, we ran into Porsche's ugly duckling, the 356B T6 Notchback Coupé with its custom coachwork by Karmann. Even though the Porsche 'Notchback' was only produced for two years —1961 and 1962— and only about 1900 cars were ever made, today its collectability has regained momentum despite of its 1600cc flat 4-cylinder engine with a super low 60 hp. While this 1962 Porsche 356B T6 Karmann Notchback in Heron Grey might not be in the best condition worthy of a concours d'elegance, its uniqueness and looks make it a real stunner.

Even though we think that the Notchback is a great looking Porsche and aspire to own one one of these days, the reality is that the Porsche 356B Karmann 'Notchback' T5 from 1961 and the T6 from 1962 is considered an ugly duckling and one of the least favorite Porsches of that era. Holding a terrible reputation as the 356 Cabrio that got a steel roof welded to its body, the 'Notch' is always perceived as been a step below the whole 356 line.

Maintaining the signature 15-inch grill on its back like the classic 356s, this design element makes the Porsche 356B Karmannn 'Notchback' Coupé as much of a Porsche as it is a Volkswagen.

While the 356 was originally designed by Ferdinand Porsche, in order to differentiate the 356 from the VW Bettle that his father Ferdinand Porsche Sr. had designed, the engineers at Porsche took a steep turn when the 'Notchback' was released and discontinued it shortly after. With an interior that is almost identical to the early generation of 356s, the tachometer takes the center stage with its mint green and red RPM scale.

A true icon and a legend in the world of automobiles, the Porsche 356 T6 Karmannn 'Notchback' Coupé is that ugly duckling that today has regained popularity and its price continues to climb up with many Porsche enthusiasts dreaming of owning one.

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