Watch Paraphernalia: The Rolex Wimbledon Tie. For Attendees Only.

This rare green Rolex tie was released as a gift to the attendees of the 125th edition of the Wimbledon championship back in 2011. This green tie comes with a beautiful gold silk thread embroidered Rolex crown on the front around the center of the tie. The small end of the tie has a Rolex logo with crown embroidered with the same gold silk thread.

The back of the tie features a purple label with the Rolex brand and the writing commemorating the 125th edition of the Wimbledon championship dated 2011. This tie looks superb with a Navy Blazer with gold buttons, a light blue shirt and a full-Windsor knot as the tie is quite thick. 

Posted on April 2, 2013 and filed under Watch Paraphernalia, Rolex.