Experience: Château Lafite Rothschild 1962. One of the Most Amazing Wines in the World.

Without a doubt one of the finest and most complex wines in the world. This Bordeaux wine from the Haute-Medoc region and bottled in Pauillac, France is a superb combination of body, taste and aromas only possible in a wine of this caliber and pedigree. Domaines Baron Rothschild dates back to 1234. Even though the property was not in the Bordeaux region at the time, it is thought that vines were already at the  estate owned by Gombaud de Lafite the original owner of the Château were this wine comes from. Interesting enough the Château still maintains the name of that original owner.  While vines were probably in existence at Lafite, it was not until around 1680, that the majority of the vineyards of what we know today as Lafite Rothschild were created. In the 17th century, the property of Château Lafite was purchased by the Ségur family. It is known that Thomas Jefferson, the third president of the United States liked Château Lafite Rothschild so much that he purchased multiple cases of the wine.

The complexity and power of this wine is one that can only be understood and experienced when having the honor and pleasure of uncorking one and sipping it.  

The notes are high on tannins, red cherries and wild mushrooms on the palate and oak and vergamot on the nose.  

Price range between $1,000 and $1,500 per bottle. However, be very careful as to who you buy from. We know from very good sources that some of the bottles in this vintage might have already turned into vinegar due to lack of proper wine storing. 

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