Experience: Driving a Ferrari California in Maranello

The experience of driving a Ferrari gets amplified when you get to drive it in the place it was born. After visiting the Ferrari factory and Galleria Ferrari in the small town of Maranello—just south of Modena and northwest of Bologna—, we had the exhilarating pleasure of driving a Ferrari California around the streets of this picturesque town, house to the Ferrari dynasty.    

Our companion during this adventure, a Rolex GMT Master ref. 16753. No other watch could've been better suited for this experience.  As you all know, Italian watch collectors are extremely passionate for vintage Rolexes and especially for the 'occhio di tigre' as the GMT Rootbeer is commonly known in Italy.

After driving all the way to Reggio Emilia —the capital for Reggiano located northwest of Maranello— we decided to treat ourselves to the best Parmigiano Reggiano we've had in a very long time, some cold Lambrusco and Crescentinas di Modena.   

Posted on April 2, 2013 and filed under Automobiles.