Experience: Tod's Fold Over Leather iPad Case. Perfect Protection in a Very Stylish Way.

Tod's is very well known for making some of the best and most iconic driving shoes in the world. Their leather goods along with their drivers hold a great reputation among watchlifestylers that enjoy the good life. Founded in Italy in 1920 by Dorino Della Valle as a small shoe making company out of his basement —just like other very reputable shoe companies—, Tod's has now become a synonym for the highest quality and superior handmade leather goods. 

The Tod's fold over leather iPad case is an accessory that every watchlifestyler needs. Just like the beautiful Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch pictured here, this iPad case will make a statement wherever you go. Embossed with the Tod’s logo on the front and the inside, the case protects the iPad screen with elegance and style. Just like on all other Tod's products, the leather is of the highest quality with a nice full-grain texture.  

The back of the case features a sturdy flap where one can insert the front folding panel and turn the protection case into a convenient stand. This is especially useful for when you guys are spending countless hours reading our content or posting on the online watch forums. 

In case the irony of spending almost the same amount of cash on this case as you would to buy the device is the least of your worries, then it's time for you to get one of these cases and look good next time you are flying across the country on one of your business trips.

Available in a variety of colors. Sticker Price $495 USD. For more info on Tod's click here.