Experience: NoMI Lounge at the Park Hyatt Chicago. An Ideal Place for Food, Wine and Watch Talk.

For a long time, we've been looking to find the perfect place in Chicago where watchlifestylers can enjoy some inspiring food and wines under the right atmosphere and lighting conditions to have a good talk about watches. Look no further, NoMI Lounge is the perfect spot for a casual get together or just a place to enjoy a chill afternoon in the company of friends, family or your significant other.

Located inside the luxurious Park Hyatt hotel off of Michigan Avenue —right by the iconic Water Tower landmark— this is a place that won't disappoint you. As you walk into the hotel, you already know that you are in for a nice treat.

Perfect decor, exquisite lounge music very similar to the one at the 'tel Costes', different seating areas depending on the mood you are looking for and a well stocked cheese ripening fridge welcome you. As you make your way in, you'll also find the nicely designed and perfectly stocked bar.

NoMI Lounge offers a great selection of signature and classic cocktails, food to share that includes a nice assortment of fresh seafood, sushi, cheeses, charcuterie, paninis, flat breads and other heavier dishes that are also meant to be shared. Surprisingly enough, they carry the coveted 'Jamón Ibérico de Bellota' from Spain that we love. After sitting down we ordered a few dishes, started sipping our 'rosé' —nothing fancy just a Domaine de Figueirasse— and enjoyed our conversation about watches and the good life. 

Our food selection included some burrata with thyme and honey, a grilled flat bread with peaches, goat cheese and arugula, a sharp cheddar pimento spread with garlic aioli and the 'panisse' with goat cheese, rosemary and balsamic. We have not had 'panisse' since our last time in Paris. A 'panisse' is a chickpea flour cake that is fried in the shape of small rectangular logs with a texture very similar to that of fried 'polenta' that is very common in the south of France.

After enjoying the delicious savory food, we decided to order their assortment of cookies and candies, paired with a couple of glasses of Canadian Inniskillin Icewine. Perfect pairing for the little box of sweet treats. Glad the treat box included our favorite French macarons, almost as good as those from Pierre Hermé in Paris.  

After a wonderful evening with great conversation, watches, fantastic foods and wine, another great day in the life of a watchlifestyler ends. The watches featured here are an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak ref. 15400ST.OO.1220ST.02 and Chanel J12 Automatic in 38mm ref. H0970.

Dear watchlifestylers: The next time that you contact us for a quick get together, you know where we will be meeting for a nice watch talk. Hasta pronto amigos!

For more info on NoMI Lounge click here. For more info on AP here and Chanel here.