Experience: El Rey del Mundo 'Exclusivo Francia'. A Mild Habano with Strong Character Like the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse.

Just like a Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse ref. 3738, El Rey del Mundo, is a cigar reserved for connoisseurs. While the Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse might not be the most popular watch in the Patek line-up, it is one of those references that is instantly recognizable. With its divine proportions, the case of the Golden Ellipse, launched in 1968, has no doubt inspired one of the most beautiful chapters of horological history. Thanks to its unique blend of bold simplicity and formal purity, this watch has become one of the flagships of the Patek Philippe collection. The same goes for El Rey del Mundo, a cigar that might not be the most popular among cigar connoisseurs that enjoy Habanos, but for sure one of the most iconic brands in the Habanos, S.A. line-up.

In 1882 the Antonio Allones factory —which had been making Habanos for over 30 years— decided to launch a new brand of premium quality and price. With great confidence but little modesty, they decided to name this new cigar "El Rey del Mundo" —The King of the World—, instantly this cigar became a huge success.

This success, lives on to this day in a selected range of Habanos renowned for its light to medium flavor and consistency. Available in six different 'vitolas' and a few limited editions expressly made for certain countries —just like the El Rey del Mundo 'Exclusivo Francia' we are featuring here—, this mild Habano is pure joy and absolute perfection.

Made with tobacco from the Vuelta Abajo region of Cuba—where the best tobacco leaves in the world are grown— this cigar is fully hand made with the "tripa larga" long filler method. Once you light up this cigar, the leathery and ambergris notes will fill your mouth. With a nice dark ash and no occasional burn outs, the second third of the cigar will greet you with coffee and light peppery notes. If you are a watchlifestyler that enjoys pairing cigars with a good espresso, the notes on El Rey del Mundo 'Exclusivo Francia' will take your coffee to another level.

Without a doubt, El Rey del Mundo 'Exclusivo Francia' is one of the best cigars you can have on a Sunday morning or an early afternoon. Just like all other Habanos, this cigar won't leave a strong taste in your mouth after you're done smoking it and its light to medium notes will leave you more than satisfied when you're craving an exceptional but not powerful cigar. The El Rey del Mundo 'Exclusivo Francia' comes in a 'Campanas' size measuring 5.5" in length with a 52 ring gauge.

On the last third, the El Rey del Mundo 'Exclusivo Francia' goes back to its initial leathery and ambergris notes without getting over intensified as it happens with most cigars. This fantastic cigar is a crowd pleaser among expert and novice smokers and is a cigar that will leave you wanting more. When you need to feel like the king of the world after a rough day at work, take a quick glimpse at your Patek and then read the label on your cigar, as your worries fade away you will then come to realize how lucky you are and how indeed you are "El Rey del Mundo". Total burning time on this cigar is approximately 35 minutes.

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