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News: Presenting the Armin Strom Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance. The First Watch in the New Masterpiece Collection.

The Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance by Armin Strom is a horological Masterpiece and the first watch in a new collection. A chef-d'œuvre combining the practicality of two completely independent time indications with the increased precision of two independent movements in resonance. The Dual Time Resonance launches the new flagship Masterpiece collection, which highlights Armin Storm’s extraordinary technical and artistic abilities. The new Masterpiece 1 Dual Time Resonance shines a spotlight on the horological principle of Resonance.

News: Presenting the Patek Philippe Twenty-4 Automatic Collection. A Stylish Companion for the Life of Modern, Active Women.

In 1999, Patek Philippe responded to the expectations of a young, dynamic generation with the very feminine Twenty-4 that became resoundingly successful. Its unusual name reflects the fact that it was a perfect companion for any time of day or night. The manchette watch was endowed with a quartz movement —except the 2003 ‘Haute Joaillerie’ model with a manually wound mechanical movement—; it came in various stainless steel versions and in gold as well. Nearly 20 years after the debut of the Twenty-4 manchette watch that became a paragon of timeless feminine elegance, Patek Philippe is fulfilling a wish expressed by many discerning style-conscious women.

News: HYT Launches Two All-Black Limited Edtions of the H2O. A 10-Piece Limited Edition in Blue and Red Fluids Respectively.

Sculpture gives mass meaning. The latest H2O from HYT looks to this visual art that operates in three dimensions to shed light on the essence of time. Viewed from any aspect, the sculpted timepiece unveils new angles on time, while colored and clear liquids keep its essential flow permanently present. Second by second, further layers of time are revealed, witnessed and anticipated. The all-black color-scheme, right through to the coating of the movement’s bridges, intensifies the visual drama between mystery and transparency.

News: Audemars Piguet Launches the Carolina Bucci Royal Oak Frosted Gold Limited Edition. A 300-Piece Edition with a Silver-Toned Mirror Finished Dial.

The creative partnership of Audemars Piguet and Italian jewellery designer Carolina Bucci delivers another surprise with this eponymous 37mm limited edition Royal Oak in 18K yellow gold. The shiny, silver-toned mirror dial framed with the shimmering sparkle of a Frosted Gold case and bracelet takes the center stage as it replaces the traditional tapisserie. Described by its designer as ‘rebellious’ in character, this is an attention-grabbing piece, especially made in the image of today’s woman. A woman that is spontaneous, true to life and totally unapologetic.

Breaking News: Audemars Piguet Also Pulls Out of the SIHH After 2019. Following the Decision Made by Richard Mille.

Following the news we just brought you right here about Richard Mille pulling out of the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie after 2019, in an unexpected move, we just received a press release from Audemars Piguet confirming that they are also pulling out after 2019 and ceasing their collaboration with the SIHH. The press release reads:

Breaking News: Richard Mille Announces Its Withdrawal from the SIHH Following 2019's Edition. A Brand that We'll Dearly Miss.

Today, Richard Mille has announced its withdrawal from the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie following the SIHH 2019 edition. First it was Baselworld, now the SIHH. We are sure this is not the beginning of another exodus now compromising the future of the SIHH, because in all honesty, this is the best watch show in the world and one that we absolutely love attending. Not only the SIHH takes place in a much nicer city like Geneva, but it is also a show worth attending for the so many important brands that are there including all brands from the Richemont Group, Audemars Piguet and the majority of the independents.

News: MB&F Horological Machine No. 9 'Flow'. Max Büsser Does it Again, This Time with Aerodynamic Horology.

Conceptualized by Max Büsser and designed by mastermind Eric Giroud comes the new MB&F Horological Machine No. 9 ‘Flow’. The HM9 is the result of a collaboration between Max Büsser and no less than 25 friends including names like Guillaume Thévenin who developed the movement, Camile Fournet who worked on the strap and Jean-François Mojon who collaborated on the precision turning of wheels, pinions and axes, amongst others. Inspired by the aerodynamic principles from the post-war late 40s and 50s and automotive design the new MB&F HM9 ‘Flow’ is literally a timepiece that combines the dynamic profiles of automobiles and the principles of mid-century aviation design.

News: Richard Mille RM 12-01 Tourbillon. Four Different 18-Piece Limited Editions for the Americas.

Richard Mille revisits the extraordinary movement of the legendary RM 012, reconciling innovations at the level of materials with a testament to horological architecture. Known as the RM 12-01 Tourbillon and available in four different 18-piece limited editions available exclusively at Richard Mille boutiques in the Americas, the construction of the case on the new RM 12-01 Tourbillon follows the tripartite principle in case combinations that all include Carbon TPT.

News: Three New Panerai Luminor 8 Days Power Reserve Watches. Meet the PAM795, PAM796 & PAM797.

A long power reserve of eight days is shared by three new creations of the Panerai Manufacture in Neuchâtel: three Luminor with characteristics which make each model new and unique, while strongly maintaining the unmistakable Panerai identity. The new Panerai Luminor 8 Days Power Reserve watches are powered by the new in-house manual wound calibre P.5002 —with the exception of the left-handed model that is powered by the calibre P.5001 also in-house. Fitted with a 44 mm case, the new Luminor 8 days Power Reserve is available in three different models.

News: Urwerk UR-111C. An Unconventional Timepiece with Optical Fiber in two 25-Piece Limited Editions.

Urwerk’s departures from its signature theme of wandering-hour indications have always been spectacular and the new just released Urwerk UR-111C is no exception. This latest exercise in complex micro-mechanics is a worthy rival to the brand’s other "Special Projects" line, in both originality and mechanical virtuosity. In the Urwerk tradition, none of the indications of this UR-111C watch are conventional: The minutes are shown in two different ways —linearly for eyes pleasure and digitally for precision.

Insider: Vacheron Constantin FiftySix Tourbillon ref. 6000E. The First Major Complication in this Collection.

Adding up to the already amazing lineup of the Vacheron Constantin FiftySix collection —first unveiled at the SIHH 2018— comes the new FiftySix Tourbillon ref. 6000E/000R-B488. Not only this is the first major complication in the new FiftySix collection, but this is also an automatic tourbillon powered by an ultra-thin movement with a peripheral oscillating weight that enables an even slimmer construction and unobstructed views of the full movement that often gets somewhat blocked by the use of a solid central oscillating weight. The FiftySix collection is a retro-contemporary new line of timepieces that takes its inspiration from the iconic Vacheron Constantin reference 6073 from 1956, hence the name FiftySix.

News: IWC Schaffhausen Inaugurates Its New ManufakturZentrum. A State-of-the-Art Very Modern Facility.

Last week, IWC Schaffhausen marked the inauguration of its new Manufakturzentrum with a celebration. The official opening of the new production plant for movement components, manufacture movements and cases is a milestone in the Swiss luxury watch manufacturer's 150-year history. In its new production plant, over an area spanning 13,500 square meters, the Schaffhausen-based watch manufacturer brings together the production of movement components, manufacture movements and cases under one roof —a milestone in the company's 150-year history.

News: MB&F L'Epée 1839 Grant Clock. A 50-Piece Limited Edition in Three Colors that is Named after a World War II Tank.

MB&F and L’Epée 1839 continue with their partnership and this time unveil another robot clock by the name of Grant. Named after a World War II Tank also known as the Medium Tank, this M3 was a mid-size American tank utilized by the British and nicknamed 'Grant' in honor of Union general Ulysses S. Grant who led the Union Army to defeat the Confederacy and whom became POTUS succeeding Andrew Johnson. And just like that famous American Tank, the new MB&F L'Epée robot clock is an all-terrain machine where Mad Max meets Transformers.

News: Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table III. The Legend Reinvented in a 'LowPoly' Design.

In 2013, the legend of King Arthur provided inspiration for the release of the Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table ref. RDDBEX0511. This exceptional watch cased in 18K pink gold featured 12 hand sculpted and engraved miniature knights also in 18K pink gold with their swords meeting at the center of a black jade engraved dial that intends to depict the Tudor English Oak Round Table made for Henry VIII. Then in 2017, Roger Dubuis released the Excalibur Knights of the Round Table II ref. RDDBEX0495 this time cased in 18K white gold and featuring the 12 knights in bronze. Both watches feature a 45 mm case and are available in a limited edition of 28 pieces each.

News: Richard Mille Releases Watch Developed in Collaboration with Sylvester Stallone. The RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure Priced at $983,000 USD.

The result of a collaboration that started four years ago culminated yesterday as Richard Mille himself presented the watch designed in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone at a casual lunch in Los Angeles, California. Priced at almost one million USD the new RM 25-01 Tourbillon Adventure is available in a limited edition of 20 pieces and exclusively sold at Richard Mille boutiques worldwide. In the words of Richard Mille himself: "The RM 25-01 is like no watch that has ever existed before. Like Sylvester Stallone himself, it is completely unfettered.

News: Linde Werdelin Releases Two New Classic 3 Timers After Being Dormant for Several Years

After pulling out of Baselworld and going dormant for several years, Linde Werdelin has announced today the addition of two new watches to the Classic 3 Timer Ocean line. With no new product releases for years, last year Linde Werdelin released a watch for watch connoisseur and old friend Kristian Haagen. Kristian had expressed an interest in owning the 3 Timer brown dial that sold out within a month when it was released in 2009 and Morten Linde thought it would be the perfect opportunity to offer Kristian his own customized edition 3 Timer.

News: Audemars Piguet to Open Boutique in East Hampton, New York. Material Good Will Operate It.

Audemars Piguet to unveil a year-round boutique in East Hampton, New York within the exclusive East End enclave. The new AP Boutique at the swanky Hamptons will open up before the end of the summer in mid-August. In addition to the AP boutiques in New York City, Las Vegas, Bal Harbour and Beverly Hills, this new retail addition to one of the world’s most exclusive beach destinations will be a singular shopping experience in the Hamptons.

News: MB&F Announces Certified Pre-Owned Sales Program. A Great Move from this Independent Watchmaking Brand.

Today’s announcement is not about a new timepiece, but an exciting new initiative for MB&F. The luxury independent watchmaking brand hasdecided to jump into the least exploited territory of watch sales, the Certified Pre-Owned area where only a few like Audemars Piguet, Vacheron Constantin or Richard Mille have gone into just recently. If Rolls-Royce, Ferrari, Porsche or Lamborghini offer pre-owned cars under a CPO program, why wouldn't luxury watch brands do it, correct?

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News: Audemars Piguet Unveils 4th Art Commission HALO by Semiconductor for Art Basel 2018

On June 14th, 2018, Audemars Piguet celebrated the debut of the 4th Audemars Piguet Art Commission with a press conference and cocktail party that we were invited to and with a recap to follow in the next couple of days. At the special exhibition named HALO, guests experienced first-hand the immersive installation, presented as a ten meter wide and four meter tall cylinder-shaped structure, made up of vertical piano wires and a 360-degree screen. This year, the Audemars Piguet Art Commission was conceived and realised by British artist-duo Semiconductor, Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt, in collaboration with guest curator Mónica Bello, head of Arts and curator at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics in Geneva.