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Experience: H. Upmann Robusto Edicion Limitada 2012 and Rolex Datejust ref. 116200 with Roulette Date Wheel.

While the actual number of Rolex Datejusts ref. 116200 fitted with a roulette date wheel still remains unconfirmed by Rolex, we all know that there aren't too many out there. Whether your watch came with a roulette wheel or not, it is pure luck just like the gambling game itself. This is a special feature that for sure makes these watches more desirable if that's something you really crave. Having a roulette date wheel is also a very special thing for those that rotate watches frequently without keeping them in a winder.

Experience: Romeo y Julieta Wide Churchills. As Thick and Bold as a Panerai Luminor 1950 3 Days PAM 372 on the Wrist.

Named after William Shakespeare’s tragic lovers novel, Romeo y Julieta dates back to 1875 when the brand was established. In 1946, during Sir Winston's Churchill visit to Cuba, the brand instantly became his favorite. Afterwards, Romeo y Julieta decided to add Churchill's name to their 'vitolas' in order to describe the brand's most famous size —Churchills— measuring 7" long with a 47 ring gauge.

News: Presenting the new Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Cohiba Edition. Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the Legendary Habano Maker.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of Cohiba —the most prestigious and luxurious hand rolled cigar brand in the world—, Zenith is presenting the new Zenith El Primero Chronomaster 1969 Cohiba Edition. Created in 1966, today Cohiba is celebrating half a century of existence. At its side on the occasion of this anniversary, Zenith is presenting a limited series of its legendary El Primero chronograph, with 50 watches in 18K rose gold and 500 in stainless steel, all featuring a Havana brown dial and emblematic Cohiba motifs.

Experience: A Special Night with Panerai in New York City. A Delightful Dinner that Turned into an Unforgettable Evening.

When watches, food, wine and superb people get together, the end result is an epic unforgettable evening. Such is the case of the amazing dinner we were invited to that was organized by Panerai to celebrate the kick-off of Madison Avenue Watch Week and the release of their novelties at the SIHH 2016. If you consider yourself a true Paneristi, you are then definitely a foodie and a connoisseur of great restaurants.

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Experience: H. Upmann Petit Coronas. JFK's Favorite Cuban Cigar Brand.

Just like the Tudor Heritage Black Bay Black ref. 79220B is reminiscent of another era, the H. Upmann Petit Coronas is a cigar that will also transport you back in time. Well known among cigar connoisseurs, as president John F. Kennedy's favorite cigar brand, the H. Upmann Petit Coronas is a cigar that delivers way more than its size conveys. Similar in size to the 'Petit Upmann' —Kennedy's favorite H. Upmann cigar—, the Petit Coronas are as close as it gets to the now discontinued 'vitola' that JFK used to love. The H. Upmann brand gets its name from a German banker named Herman Upmann who decided to move to Cuba because of his love for Cuban cigars. In 1844, he set up a bank that closed in the early 1920s but his cigar making factory still remains as a fine example of a light to medium Habano like no other. H. Upmann Petit Coronas is definitely a cigar that goes well in any occasion and one that is a joy to smoke.

Experience: Ramón Allones Short Perfectos Exclusivo Italia. A Perfect Cigar for a Sunny Day in Milan.

As the 17th edition of the Festival del Habano in Cuba just wrapped up yesterday, we bring you the review of another amazing Habano paired with a perfect watch for the occasion. Ramón Allones is perhaps one of the most understated and underrated Cuban cigars, just like the wrist presence of an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad in 18K rose gold. Just like with the 18K rose gold Rubber Clad, this amazing line of cigars doesn't scream 'look at me' like a Cohiba or a Montecristo; however, this brand is one of the biggest names in the history of Habanos, S.A. and one of the oldest in production since 1837.

After a long dreary overcast week in Milan —or Milano as we Italian speakers like to call it—, finally the clouds broke and the sun shone over the busy streets of the city and through the glass rooftop of the iconic Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. As we prepared to light up this fantastic cigar, we decided to go on a nice stroll down the Via Alessandro Manzoni all the way to the Via della Spiga.

Experience: Cohiba Maduro 5 Mágicos. Just Like the Royal Oak, It Takes More than Money to Smoke One.

Just like an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Jumbo 5402SA, when it comes to cigars, Cohiba is a name that needs very little introduction. Savvy watchlifestylers already know that Cohiba stands for the highest quality in fine cigar making and the flagship brand of Habanos from Cuba.

Created in 1966 for Fidel Castro and handmade at the world famous 'El Laguito' factory, these cigars were originally only seen outside of the island when presented as gifts to heads of state or dignitaries throughout the world. Additionally, Cohiba is a brand with a very limited production of cigars per year making it even more exclusive.

The Cohiba name has its origins from the the ancient 'Taino' language word that was used to refer to bunches of tobacco leaves. 'Taino' is the language used by the Taino Indians that populated the islands of the Caribbean before the Spanish Conquest in the 1500s.

Experience: Iberico 'Pata Negra' Ham 5J Cinco Jotas along with a Rolex Submariner ref. 16800. When Two Classics Meet.

It's been a while since we brought you content around food, one of the key components of the good life. The Iberico acorn-fed ham from Spain is as classic and refined as an unpolished Rolex Submariner 16800 with tons of real patina. Faithful to its origins, Cinco Jotas makes one of the finest acorn-fed hams in Spain and the company has maintained the purity of the 'Pata Negra' —black hoof— Iberian pigs they use as well as the proper preservation of their natural ecosystem —in which the pigs develop— flawlessly, just like Rolex has kept its DNA intact over the last 60 years. The 'Pata Negra' acorn-fed ham Cinco Jotas, just like real patina on a Rolex Submariner is easily identified by its color, texture, overall appearance and cannot be faked as those that are true connoisseurs will be able to spot it.

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Experience: Omega Hosts a Special Preview of their Baselworld 2014 Novelties in Partnership with WatchCollectingLifestyle in Chicago.

A few days ago, the Omega Boutique on Michigan Avenue here in Chicago, hosted a special preview of the Baselworld 2014 novelties in partnership with our publication. This wonderful evening included all the new watches presented at Baselworld 2014 presented earlier this year —with the exception of the Speedmaster 'Lunar Dust'— and their new line of NATO straps that will become available in the month of August across the Omega Boutique network. While we have seen the novelties multiple times, we have not played with the NATO straps enough. Fortunately, this time, we were able to see the NATO straps fitted on a few of the novelties as well as on other watches from the current collection. We even put a gorgeous Omega leather NATO strap on the new Omega Speedmaster Apollo 11 45th Anniversary that looked just amazing.

Experience: Johnnie Walker Blue Label Along with the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph.

The pinnacle whisky of the House of Walker — it is the epitome of blending—, just like the Montblanc Nicolas Rieussec Chronograph —reviewed here— is one of the pinnacles of Montblanc timepieces. Created to reflect the style of whiskies in the early 19th century, Johnnie Walker Blue Label is created using some of the rarest casks from the Johnnie Walker stocks, the largest in the world. The casks are hand-selected and set aside for their exceptional quality, character and flavor. The character of Blue Label is truly unique; it is complex, powerful, incredibly smooth and retains the Johnnie Walker signature smokiness.

Experience: Davidoff Cigar Shop at the Paradeplatz in Zürich. A Must for Cigar Aficionados.

Nestled in between Blue Lemon and the Galerie Gmurzynska at Paradeplatz 3 —just across from the Credit Suisse headquarters in Zürich— lies one of Zürich's oldest cigar shops now displaying a huge Davidoff sign. This cozy and intimate cigar shop, is located just a few steps away from the Blancpain boutique and Türler featured in our Zürich Watch Shopping Guide here. The shop opened its doors in the 1800s and offers a wide selection of Davidoff cigars, Habanos, loose tobacco, accessories and some very fine liquors. To get to this shop, just get on the VBZ —Zürich Tram System— from the Bahnhof SBB towards the Paradeplatz and in three minutes you'll be there. Now, if you prefer to walk, just follow the Bahnhofstrasse towards the lake but we aware of the fact that you might end up not getting to the cigar shop as you will be doing some serious watch shopping on your way there.

Experience: An Evening with Kona Brewing Co. at the Omega Boutique Chicago. Pairing Craft Beer with Timepieces Works Brilliantly.

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure to be invited along with a select group of watch collectors and watchlifestylers, to an intimate beer tasting evening with Kona Brewing Co. at the Omega Boutique in Chicago. As usual, our friends from the Omega Boutique put together a very classy and fun event surrounding us by amazing timepieces in their showcases. As expected, the star of the night was the highly coveted Speedmaster 'Dark Side of the Moon' that several collectors were already sporting. Considering the huge beer connoisseurs that we are and our passion for timepieces, there was no way we would've missed this event.

Experience: WatchCollectingLifestyle Hosts Luncheon for Chicago Members of The Rolex Forums.

If watch forums like The Rolex Forums, Timezone, ThePurists or Watchuseek had never existed, it is very likely that the boom of digital watch publications —like ours— would've never taken place and we probably would've not been around at all. Little to no credit is given to some of these most visited watch forums in the world regarding the significant amount of consumer generated content that is hosted by them nor the amazing knowledge and expertise that some of their members possess.

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Experience: Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2. Classic, Elegant and Understated Like an Audemars Piguet.

What better way to relax and enjoy the good life than smoking a good Habano just 90 miles away from Cuba. As we are getting ready to finally welcome the warm weather here in Chicago, we had no other option than to travel to warm weather destinations while it's still cold here in the Windy City. While Key West, Florida is not necessarily the most upscale beach destination in the U.S., it is for sure a very interesting and nostalgic place for Cuban Americans or anyone of Cuban descent. While we were down in Key West, we decided to smoke one of the Cuba's finest and understated cigars, Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2.

A couple of weeks ago, as we found ourselves walking around the picturesque streets of Key West, and specifically along the popular Duval Street, we stumbled upon one of the most beautiful and most important landmarks in Florida, especially for those of Cuban origin. We are talking about The San Carlos Institute, founded in 1871 by Cuban exiles of Key West as an educational, civic, and patriotic center.

Today, The San Carlos is a multipurpose facility that serves as a museum, library, art gallery, theater, and school. Located in the heart of Key West's historic district, the San Carlos is considered to be the cradle of Cuba's independence movement. It was at the San Carlos that Cuban poet and patriot José Martí united the exile community in 1892 to launch the final phase of his campaign for Cuba's independence from Spain. José Martí loved the San Carlos building so much that he called it "La Casa Cuba". Frankly, there's no better place to light up an Epicure No.2 and then walk around the streets of Key West in search for the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.

Hoyo de Monterrey is an Habano produced in the town of San Luis y Martinez, in the heart of the Vuelta Abajo tobacco region. The Hoyo de Monterrey plantation can be reached through a gate in the town’s main square with the following inscription: "Hoyo de Monterrey. José Gener. 1860". The Spanish word ''Hoyo' —which means 'hole’— in the name of this cigar, refers to the the low lands where the plantation is located by the banks of the San Juan y Martinez river.

Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2 is an Epicure type of cigar —a short and thick cigar— measuring 4 7/8" in length with a 50 ring gauge. With hints of coffee, chocolate and leather, this cigar is very smooth and even burning with a nice dark ash that holds nice and long. The only downside to this cigar, is the fact that it is so short that one needs to remove its beautiful ring in order to be able to enjoy the cigar till the end.

As we were getting ready to enjoy one of the most beautiful moments of the day at Mallory Square, we decided to accompany our cigar with one of Cuba's most traditional drinks, a refreshing 'Mojito'. The mint in our 'Mojito' was perfectly mashed and the drink perfectly mixed that we can say that this 'Mojito' was at the level of those served at 'La Bodeguita del Medio' in Cuba. Next time you are enjoying the sunset celebration at Mallory Square, you need to make sure you stop by The Westin Key West Resort & Marina to enjoy a few of these Cuban 'Mojitos'

This cigar is always a very attractive choice for those watchlifestylers seeking a delicate yet aromatic Habano that is not too strong but still has a lot of character, elegance and complexity. The flavor profile doesn't change much throughout the first two thirds of the cigar, but it becomes increasingly stronger on the last third. A very common characteristic of fine Cuban Habanos. It provides around 35 minutes of burning time in a perfectly rolled cigar with the best even burn you'll experience.

The Hoyo de Monterrey is so nicely rolled that even the most inexperienced smokers can keep it well lit and burning strong with every puff. For sure a cigar that is as classic and understated as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Safari on our wrist.

Now, pretend you came along and enjoy the sunset with us as we finish our cigar and sip down our 'Mojito'.

For more info on Audemars Piguet click here.  

Experience: Vega Sicilia Tinto 'Valbuena' 5° Vintage 2007. A Superb Wine Just as Good as a Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra-Thin Perpetual.

When it comes to wines from Spain, 'Ribera del Duero' is one of our favorite wine regions and when you think of 'Ribera del Duero', Vega Sicilia is the first name that comes to mind as this is one of the most amazing wineries in that region. Just like when one thinks about one of the best perpetual calendars in the market and the first name name that comes to mind is Jaeger-LeCoultre.

Vega Sicilia Tinto 'Valbuena' 5° vintage 2007 is an spectacular wine mainly made from 'Tempranillo', Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes and it is one of the best examples of what great wines are supposed to taste, smell and look like. Vega Sicilia is without a doubt the best and most refined wine made in Spain. In 1864, Eloy Lecanda founded the winery that symbolizes the golden legend of Spanish red wine. Throughout its long history, it has belonged to different owners, although it has always maintained an unquestionable personality, making concentrated, mature, generous and extremely elegant.

Vega Sicilia only makes three different wines under the Vega Sicilia winery brand name: 'Valbuena' 5°, 'Reserva Especial' —with no vintage as this is a blend of different vintages— and 'Único'. Vega Sicilia is also the owner of Pintia, Alion —often called the poor man's Vega Sicilia— and Tokaj Oremus which are not sold under the Vega Sicilia name; however, they still happen to also be some of the best wines in the world.

Bodegas Vega Sicilia is located in the town of Valbuena de Duero between Peñafiel and Valladolid in the wine region of Ribera del Duero in Spain. Since 1982, the company is owned by the Alvaréz family. What makes this wine so unique and well balanced, is the aging process. For the 'Valbuena' 5°, the duration of the aging process in wood is three and a half years and during this time, the wine is rotated form new casks to heavily used American oak casks with the only goal in mind of obtaining the perfect balance between the wine and the wood. Once this has been achieved, the wines finally rest in large wooden vats, which prepares them for later bottling to then end their journey with a calm rest in the bottle in specially acclimatised installations. The time they remain there, depends on the format of the bottle: Vega Sicilia 'Único' —750ml bottle— takes three years or more to age in the bottle, while for the 'Valbuena 5°, the period for aging in the bottle is around a year and a half.

Considering the time that it takes for a certain vintage to make it to the stores you are guaranteed a wine with certain level of maturity and perfection that will be ready to be drank. Now, when it comes to Vega Sicilia wines in the U.S., be prepared to look for it as hard as you can as this winery has a very limited production and only 100 stores carry it in the country.

This wine is characterized for its strong notes of black cherry and oak on the palate and a superb delicate finish with almost no acidity or alcoholic taste on the throat. Best paired with some 'Ibérico' ham, lamb or venison.

Sticker Price $180-230 USD. For more info on Jaeger-LeCoultre click here and for Vega Sicilia here.

Experience: Spain's Winebota. The Perfect and Most Stylish Way to Carry Wine.

If you have been to Spain or grew up in a Latin American country, you already know what we are talking about and we are bringing back to life some very fond memories while drinking wine or partying around. A winebota is a leather pouch commonly used in Spain to carry wine and other beverages. The winebota was created centuries ago as an alternative to breakable containers and as a more convenient way to carry wine around. These leather pouches are either lined with latex or with a tree resin —named pez in Spanish and only suitable for wine— to prevent liquid from seeping through. The latex lined winebotas are always the best option as you can carry all sorts of beverages and they are maintenance free. Another great think about them is that you can fit a whole liter of wine in them —a bottle of wine is 750ml.

Now, if you decide to get one of these winebotas to take with you on your next skiing trip to the Swiss Alps or on a hunting trip to the heart of the Appalachian mountains, make sure you drink from it the right way. Once you remove the top cap shaped like a bell from the double endpiece, you need to lift the winebota and stretch your arms as far as possible to then squeeze the wine out and create a long stream shot just like Spaniards do when running with the bulls in Pamplona. These winebotas come in a variety of cool designs, colors and types of leather. The one pictured here is from their Iconography line featuring a wild boar.

Sticker Price $80 USD. For more info on Winebotas click here.

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Experience: H. Upmann Edición Limitada 2009. A Perfect Habano for the Winter Just Like This Girard-Perregaux on the Wrist.

Some people say that cigars are a summer treat and not meant for the cold months, we think that cigars can be enjoyed year round, especially when it comes to perfectly rolled Habanos rich in history and paired with a good whiskey or a nicely aged port.

Just like the Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 XXL Large Date Moon-phases, the H. Upmann cigars are full of history. H. Upmann cigars take their name from the German banker named Herman Upmann who loved Cuban cigars so much that decided to move to Havana in 1844 to work as a banker and also became a cigar maker. His bank closed in the early 1920s but his cigars live on as a fine example of an elegant light to medium-flavoured Habano.

This exceptional cigar brand is only made with leaves from the renowned region of 'Vuelta Abajo'. The H. Upmann Edición Limitada 2009 is a limited edition 'vitola' slightly shorter than the H. Upmann Connoisseur No. 1. While the Connoisseur measures 5" long with a 48 ring gauge, the Edición Limitada 2009 is shorter measuring 4.25" in length with the same 48 ring gauge. This delicious cigar presents notes of leather, caramel and some pepper. Exceptionally rich but medium flavored. The flavor profile stays even for the whole cigar. Around thirty minutes of burning time in a perfectly rolled cigar with perfect draw and extremely even burn. 

If you consider yourself a real cigar aficionado and watchlifestyler, this is a cigar that you need to try at least once in your lifetime.

Experience: Chivas Regal 18 Pininfarina. A Partnership Between Two Perfectionists and a Great Limited Edition.

Chivas Regal 18 Pininfarina was launched earlier this year throughout the world but it is still scarcely available throughout the U.S. market. This limited edition, product of a collaboration between two perfectionists, will satisfy your luxurious palate to the fullest.

Pininfarina, the acclaimed auto designer that has worked for Ferrari, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Peugeot and Rolls Royce amongst other car brands and that has also dabbled into the waters of watchmaking in a special partnership with Bovet, has now decided to join forces with one of the top whiskeys in the world in order to create this special edition that gets the best from both brands and blends into a unique experience for watchlifestylers that like the finer things in life. The video below will tell you more about the essence of Pininfarina.

Click on the video only if you are of legal drinking age in your country.

In this special partnership, Paolo Trevisan —Design Manager of Pininfarina Extra— wanted to create something that represented the essence of both brands and we think he did pretty well. A perfect symbol of collaboration. Liquid shaped by air. Pininfarina’s mastery of aerodynamics, combined with the peerless whisky of Chivas Regal 18. Uniting and embodying the passions of both icons, it is the inspiration behind three limited edition expressions of their partnership. Trevisan paid a visit to Chivas' home Strathisla to meet Master Blender Colin Scott, where the two shared their vision for the exclusive Chivas 18 by Pininfarina. Here's a video that explains the design process behind this limited edition. Just fascinating and inspiring.

Click on the video only if you are of legal drinking age in your country.

This partnership is perfectly executed in three different amazing products. The first one —named Limited Edition One— is a gorgeous drop-shaped blue container lined with wood, the second one —Limited Edition Two— is a larger individually numbered drop-shaped container that contains a bottle of whisky, two drop-shaped glasses and where the top part of the container can be used as an ice bucket and lastly the third one called the 'Mascherone', which is a special order free standing wooden and aluminum sculpture display. To round out the special edition, Pininfarina also created a specially designed bottle of Chivas 18 with Pininfarina’s design notes visible on the metalized crest and the Italian company’s logo, proudly emblazoned on the capsule and neck wrap to reflect the streamlined metallic finish of a classic car.

The 'Mascherone' standing display was inspired by the original wooden frame that was used to design cars in the old days and is a sculpture where the product is properly displayed around wood and blue aluminum. The Chivas Regal 18 Mascherone by Pininfarina marks the pinnacle of their partnership. Hand assembled in Cambiano by Pininfarina, it features an oak internal structure and clad in aluminium. Mirroring the elegant precision of Pininfarina's celebrated automotive innovations, only five of this collector's pieces will be on display globally and individual pieces will be made to order on request. A light, found at the base, brings this artistic piece to life. Here's a video that talks about the beauty and story behind the 'Mascherone'.

If you are a whisky drinker and someone that enjoys life to the fullest always searching for the ultimate luxury, this limited edition won't disappoint you. Now, if you really want to go for the whole nine yards, you can place a special order for one of the 'Mascherones' and continue to live life to the fullest. One thing we know, is that the 'Mascherone' will look great inside your beautiful home at the New York by Gehry on 8 Spruce Street.

Sticker Price for Limited Edition 2 $500 USD. For more info on Chivas Regal 18 click here and for Pininfarina here.

Experience: Three Fairly Unknown Long Filler Habanos Alongside Three Very Well-Known Jaeger-LeCoultre Watches.

If you like good cigars, you definitely can appreciate the difference between Habanos and cigars made outside of Cuba. These three fairly unknown Habanos pictured here —Diplomaticos 'No. 2', Juan Lopez 'Coronas' and Quai d'Orsay 'Coronas Claro'— are as amazing as any of the most popular Cuban brands that even non-connoisseurs know about.

While these cigars are not as well-known as Montecristo, Cohiba, Partagas or Romeo y Julieta, these three cigars can play at the level of those very well known brands. Unfortunately, today only refined Cuban cigar connoisseurs know them well. Alongside, these fantastic Habanos, we have three very well-known classic Jaeger-LeCoultre timepieces that embody the essence of their manufacture as well as these Cubans embody the essence of Habanos S.A.

Let's start talking about Diplomaticos 'No. 2'. This brand fairly unknown outside of Cuba and hard to find is somewhat of a recent brand dating from the 1960s. It bears a marked resemblance to Montecristo and it uses numbers instead of names to describe its sizes. This delicious cigar is completely handmade with long fillers a.k.a. 'tripa larga' using leaves from the renowned region of 'Vuelta Abajo'. This is a long cigar measuring 6.14" in length with a 52 ring gauge. With hints of leather, pepper and coffee this cigar is rich and medium to full flavored. The flavor profile stays even for the first two thirds of the cigar and becomes stronger on the last third. Around one full hour of burning time in a perfectly rolled cigar with perfect draw and very even burn. 

Juan Lopez 'Coronas' is a full-bodied cigar that evokes the notes of a Partagas. This is another brand fairly unknown outside of Cuba as it is considered more of a local brand and very limited amounts of it are ever exported. This cigar is named after its founder, Juan Lopez Diaz, a Spanish businessman that founded the brand in the 1870s. This superb cigar is also handmade with 'tripa larga' from 'Vuelta Abajo'. This cigar measures 5.6" in length with a 42 ring gauge. With hints of cocoa and leather this cigar is quite rich but not overpowering. The flavor profile is very even throughout the whole cigar and it provides around 45 minutes of burning time. A nice long white ash characterizes this delicate cigar.

Lastly, let's talk about Quai d'Orsay 'Coronas Claro', another very local brand that owes its origin to the refined taste of the French market. Created in the 1970s, the name is taken from a well-known street in Paris right next to the left bank of the Seine river. This brand has become increasingly popular among French connoisseurs that visit the island and among those that can find it in limited quantities outside of Cuba. This mild cigar measuring 5.6" in length with a 42 ring gauge is made of a light tasting blend of long filler leaves from 'Vuelta Abajo' and its wrappers are mainly distinguished by their 'Claro' — light brown— and 'Colorado Claro' —mid-brown— colors. Hints of caramel and leather come to mind when smoking this cigar with a very creamy flavor profile. The flavor evolves after the first half and the burning time is approximately 35 to 40 minutes. This is a perfect cigar for the inexperienced cigar smoker or for the ladies that enjoy the good life.

If you have the refined taste to appreciate fascinating timepieces like these three Jaeger-LeCoultre, you definitely understand that certain things in life need to be experienced at least once. Therefore, find these three Cubans and have yourself a wonderful evening in the company of your timepieces and your favorite drink. 

For more info on Jaeger-LeCoultre click here.  

Experience: Two Classic Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshores Meet for Lunch at Freds at Barneys. A Photo Essay.

This time we headed over to Freds at Barneys New York for lunch. This hidden gem is one of our favorite restaurants in the city and a perfect place to talk about watches, enjoy some great food and shop at the store on your way out. 

Barneys New York started their business back in the early 1920s when Barney Pressman opened his very first store in the lower Manhattan area. Today, the Barneys New York flagship store is located on Madison Ave. between 60th and 61st streets. Barneys is also present in some of the most upscale areas of cities like Beverly Hills, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, Las Vegas and Scottsdale. The New York, Chicago and Beverly Hills locations are the only stores that have restaurants within. The restaurant is named after Fred Pressman —Barney Pressman's son.  

Barneys New York store in Chicago is located half a block away from the famous Gold Coast Triangle on Rush Street between Oak and Elm —catty corner from some of our other favorite stores like Hermès, Prada and Barbour. 

Now, enjoy the photo essay and the watch eye-candy. An image speaks more than a thousand words. Oh, and by the way, next time you stop by Freds, make sure you order the 'Linguine Vongole' as it's our absolute favorite dish.

For more info on Barneys click here.