Insider: Hysek Design La Colonne du Temps Mechanical Clock. A 55-Piece Limited Edition with an Incredible Mechanism.

After decades designing some of the most iconic watches including the Breguet Marine, the Vacheron Constantin 222, the TAG Heuer Kirium and the Seiko Kinetic Actura, Jorg Hisek decided to launch his own agency named Hysek Design in the late 1990s, after four years working at the Rolex design department. After launching his own watch brand and selling it years later, Jorg Hysek marks his comeback to the watch industry with the release of a very special 50-piece limited edition clock called 'La Colonne du Temps' —the column of time.

Throughout the course of his career in the Swiss watchmaking industry, Jorg Hysek forged himself a reputation of being a broad-minded designer with a very creative and clear approach. His timepieces speak to those who are sensible to particular standards and who are treasure seekers of objects that anticipate the progression of our time. Today, he exercises his creative freedom to design unique models that feature a strong character, so as to reveal the identity of its creator at a glance. Thus, it comes as no surprise that his high-end work is imprinted with both exclusivity and singularity. All his creations reveal a distinctively different appearance and are imbued with a contemporary spirit as unique as his own personal style, always dressed in white from head to toes and barefoot while exhibiting at Baselworld.

After leaving the watch industry and becoming a full time artist, Mr. Hysek organised a traveling exhibition of 30 of his canvases picking up the designs of his most striking watch creations between 2005 and 2006. His exhibition toured the world with stopovers in New York City, Barcelona, Kiev, Dubai, Doha and Geneva, where the entire set of works was sold at auction. Both art and design have always been methods of expression that are dear to Jorg Hysek’s heart. The design and launch of the 'La Colonne du Temps', takes on an important meaning as it signals the return of this legendary designer.

At first conceived and developed by Hysek Design, and then manufactured by Sinclair Harding, this clockwork sculpture comes directly from Jorg Hysek’s prolific imagination. While combining technical and mechanical virtuosity with conceptual precision, the piece offers a simple and aesthetically pleasing display of time.

The Colonne is composed of 4 independent cylinders, each one brought to life by its own particular rhythm that is dependent on its gradient. Hours and minutes are displayed by distinct segments with mechanical digits —very much like those on the MCT Watches— while retrograde seconds are shown to pass with the central rotating cylinder. While the firs two cylinders on top of the seconds indicator display the hours with double-digits, the next two at at the bottom display the minutes. Seeing this clock in action in person is simply awesome.

Composed of no less than 953 components that are hand polished, satin finished, ball blasted and black anodized, the Colonne du Temps —Column of Time— clock measures approximately 15.7" tall —40 centimeters— and is made of aluminum, rhodium plated brass and mineral crystal for the openings that allow partial view into the 12-jewel manual wound movement. The mechanical movement powering this tower clock is equipped with a fuseé chain system, mechanical digits for the hours and the minutes and retrograde seconds indicator. The movement provides a power reserve of 8 days after winding the clock with a built-in key and it was created by traditional English clock maker Sinclair Harding.

The passing of hours occurs by the movement of carriages, which are guided by a circular cam. To complete the sculpture, with a subtle wink and nudge, the clock and its movements are supported by feet that are reminiscent of the lugs of a watch.

All of the elements that compose Jorg Hysek’s work speak to an unprecedented mechanical complexity that is associated with the streamlined simplicity of the digital age. Available in a limited edition of only 55 pieces.

Sticker Price CHF 60,000 Swiss Francs — approximately $61,000 USD. For more info on Hysek Design click here.