Experience: Vilebrequin Swimwear and Three Divers. The Perfect Summer Companion for those Divers.

Vilebrequin was launched in Saint-Tropez —the heart of the French Riviera— back in 1971. Daytime, outside. View of the port. Café Sénéquier, meeting place of the happy few on the French Riviera. In the background, the village is abuzz with the news of the imminent arrival of Brigitte Bardot with her admirers, to spend a night at one of the legendary Saint-Tropez nightclubs. Music and champagne, non-stop! The stars have their own country here, governed by the laws of pleasure, carefree living and legend. Sunlight… Back to the port. Close-up of a terrace café where a young man is sketching an original design for swim shorts on a checked tablecloth. Inspired by surfer’s trunks, the design takes shape, very different from the traditional “swim briefs” of the time. Colorful and original, a new style is set! Made out of spinnaker canvas—sailing is, after all, the king of sports in the gulf of Saint-Tropez—, the new swimsuit dries more quickly in the sun and wind. Close-up of the first Vilebrequin, the French word for “crankshaft” and a reference to its designer’s passion for automobiles. On the beaches of Saint-Tropez, the new swim trunks are an overnight success. Practical and comfortable, colorful and très chic, a trend is launched, a new brand is born.

Whether you take your Submariner, your Planet Ocean, your AP Diver or all three of them to the beach with you, one thing that for sure will show your ultimate style is a classic pair of 'Moorea' Vilebrequin swim trunks.

Enjoy your watches and enjoy the beach! For more info click here.

Posted on April 30, 2016 and filed under Fashion & Style.