SIHH 2019: Richard Mille Bonbon Collection. Live Pictures & Pricing.

Today, on the opening day of the SIHH 2019, Richard Mille unveiled a new 10-piece series of watches: The Bonbon Collection.  Only 30 examples of each of the ten models will be produced. Despite its disruptive appearance, the Richard Mille Bonbon Collection is directly descended from earlier Richard Mille creations and one that could’ve been inspired by Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City. Forays into the spectrum of greens, crimson, yellow and even pink are possible thanks to a mastery of materials, many of them exclusive, that is a Richard Mille specialty.

The brand’s understanding of how tinted ceramics behave, expertise in layering materials like Carbon TPT and Quartz TPT and constant improvements to the setting of colored gemstones are all ingredients in these confectionery recipes, which are singularly imaginative, playful, distinctive and, most importantly, appetizing. Lastly, a finely honed eye for detail makes these 10 models stunning graphic compositions that offer a wealth of shades and textures appearing in every component of the watch. The crowns and some of the caseband, for instance, take the shape of a particular treat, such as a cupcake or gelatto.

The Sweets collection comprises four models, all with two-tone ceramic cases that set off their grand feu enamel or black-chromed titanium confections. The RM 07-03 Cupcake, RM 07-03 Marshmallow, RM 37-01 Sucette and RM 16-01 Réglisse are colorful and delectable, evoking a whole spectrum of flavors. Better yet, the textures you expect to encounter upon biting into these sweets are conjured visually thanks to a mastery of enamel work that succeeds in evoking sensations like softness, crunchiness, and fluffiness. The creamy quality of the TZP ceramic case is enhanced by the varied matte and polished effects of elements on the dial. Black, a foundational color in the technical vocabulary of Richard Mille, is presented in a whole new light here, as a giant roll of liquorice that occupies the entire surface of a dial. Here, the most satisfactory solution for obtaining the liquorice shape of the RM 16-01 was a stamping operation, followed by a black chrome coating that lends this piece its spot-on color and texture.

The Fruits line is a homage to the very concept of sweet temptation in six delectable flavours: Lemon and Strawberry —RM 16-01 Citron et Fraise—, Blueberry and Litchi —RM 07-03 Myrtille et Litchi—, Kiwi and Cherry —RM 37-01 Kiwi et Cerise—, in addition to color-gradient cases made of Carbon TPT combined with Quartz TPT of a different hue for each model is an all-new turquoise color. Painted in acrylics and lacquered by hand, the 3,000 miniature sculptures integrated in these compositions stand out from the dials, turning each one into a sachet full of tiny candies. To further enhance their realism, a ‘sugar coating’ effect was achieved using powdered enamel and the fine sand employed in hourglasses. Tart jelly ribbons, twisty lollipops, candy citrus segments, gumdrops and other surprises are positioned on plates of grade 5 titanium that are machined and skeletonized like horological components.

From velvety marshmallow or custard cream to the crunch of hard candies and lollipops and tangy tartness of citrus quarters. Applying the science of materials and textures to the realm of confectionery, Richard Mille has embarked on a vast collection of delicious and powerfully evocative pieces. Whether in the Sweet or Fruit line, every watch in the Bonbon Collection is mouth-wateringly appetizing, and promises a moment of horological ecstasy. Great looking watches that need to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. At his last year at the SIHH, Richard Mille is for sure leaving on a sweet note and with a bang like he always does. After creating a hyper-luxury brand from scratch with impeccable product and marketing, this new collection comes to prove that Richard Mille can do whatever he pleases to bring amazing watches like these.

Sticker Price $122,500 USD —Litchi and Myrtille—, $132,500 USD —Fraise and Citron—, $138,000 USD —Kiwi, Cerise and Réglisse—, $153,000 USD —Marshmallow and Cake— and $158,000 USD —Sucette. For more info on Richard Mille click here.