Watch Goodies: The Wooden Rolex Clock. Hard to Find.

The real story behind the very hard to find wooden Rolex clocks has always been a mystery. Among different groups of avid Rolex watch collectors we've heard dozens of versions but until now we didn't have what we feel is a definitive answer.  

Some people mention that the clock was given to select authorized dealers during the 1970s, another version assures that these clocks were given to employees after 'x' number of years of service at the Rolex Service Centers but you are about to hear the real story behind these iconic wall clocks.  

The owner of this clock is a former Rolex Service Center watchmaker that has finally provided a trustworthy answer for us. In the early 80s, this wall clocks were given by Rolex USA to authorized dealers with very high volume of sales. This particular watch was purchased by our friend from one of these dealers back in 1988 for $125. Ironic enough, the infamous Rolex wooden clock is fitted with a battery operated quartz movement made in Japan.

Going price for one of this clocks today is around $1500.

Is it really worth it with a Japanese quartz movement as its beating heart?

Posted on April 3, 2013 and filed under Rolex, Watch Goodies.