News: Introducing the new HYT H0 Querétaro. A 5-Piece Limited Edition Celebrating a Mexican Aqueduct.

While the name 'Querétaro' might not mean much to people outside of Mexico, it sure does to us here at WCL and to the UNESCO. 'Querétaro' is a colonial city located approximately 200 kilometers north of Mexico City that was established in the 17th century and which has been designated as a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. Split in two sections with a rectilinear section and another one with picturesque winding streets, the most prominent colonial monument in the city of 'Querétaro' is its aqueduct. The Aqueduct of 'Querétaro' is a Roman style aqueduct almost a mile long —1,300 meters long— that took 12 years to build between 1726 and 1738 by the Marquee Juan Antonio de Urrutia y Arana. Consisting of 75 magnificent arches each positioned 20 meters —60 feet— apart from one another and with a height of 28.4 meters high —85 feet—, this aqueduct is not only one of the most iconic monuments in Querétaro but an incredible example of colonial architecture.

Image: Ferrantraite/iStock/Getty Images

Since water is the vital liquid that was carried across these ancient aqueducts, our friends at HYT have decided to create a 5-piece limited edition under the H0 line to celebrate Querétaro's aqueduct. The H0 Querétaro ref. 048-AC-97-GF-RU and the Mexican aqueduct that inspired its design, have both treated this task with the utmost respect. Reflecting the commitment of the eighteenth century masterpiece to bring drinking water to thirsty citizens, the H0 'Querétaro' is a feast for the eyes. With a side view of the aqueduct on its profile that is 18.7 mm high, the new HYT H0 'Querétaro' has a pure white outline of the iconic aqueduct’s arches circuiting the side of its black case. Vibrant green fluid flows above this beautifully suggested structure, measuring recently elapsed time on its almost circular journey.

Anchoring the inspiration, the watch features a black dial with a green map of the state of Querétaro in the same hue of the fluid marking the hours and floating above the two partially visible bellows of the patented fluidic module. The black rubber strap is patterned with its own replication of a precisely orchestrated rainshower and the various design elements echo the theme of flow, from a drop-like, magnifying sapphire glass dome to concave counters portraying the outward motion caused by descending droplets of water breaking surface tension. The new HYT H0 'Querétaro' is water resistant to 30 meters and has a power reserve of 65 hours.

Sticker Price $42,000 USD. For more info on HYT click here.