Insider: Pre-Baselworld 2014 Romain Jerome Presents the New 1969 Silicium Collection. Live Pictures of Four Fascinating New Watches with a New Case Design.

In preparation for Baselworld, Romain Jerome presents an explosive cosmic collision bringing together the intrinsic DNA of its brand with a new case design and makes two worlds collide with its new 1969 collection. Continuing its conquest of the solar system and flirting once again with the infinity of space, Romain Jerome offers a new perspective of its Moon-DNA collection by presenting four new 1969 timepieces. Introducing a retro, vintage design and a lighter 43 mm case, the new 1969 timepieces reflect a nostalgic and bygone era of thin, geometrical clean lines combined with colorful, animated dials that will transport their owners into the mystical world of outer space.

On the first version, the avant-garde Maison shines light on the dial crafted with a new component, brought to us directly from outer-space and formed within the solar nebula disk billions of years ago: the Meteorite. Often referred to as “The crust of other worlds”, the meteorite is the most solid layer of any extraterrestrial rock found on earth. Romain Jerome has chosen a type of meteorite much rarer than platinum or gold: Chondrites —this type of meteorite can be differentiated from iron meteorites due to its low iron and nickel content. This 1969 Meteorite satin-finished steel timepiece is tinted with man’s dreams of the great unknown as most Meteorites, which have impacted the earth, are thought to have originated from the Asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars.

Always using innovative materials, Romain Jerome has also found inspiration in Mother Earth’s treasures for the dials of three other 1969 timepieces. Commonly referred to as “Si” in the periodic table, the brand has used silicon on the dials of the 1969 models. Silicon, a.k.a Silicium represents 90% of the Earth’s crust and is commonly used, once highly purified, as a semiconductor in most electronics today as well as in manufactured movements. The 1969 Silicium line, presented in blue, grey and brown, this natural translucent and very fragile element is colored using a special PVD process giving the colors a textured finish highlighting each bold detail of this natural element. Echoing the 1969 Heavy Metal Meteorite, the blue and grey Silicon dials are also perfectly fitted in a satin-finished steel cases —1969 Heavy Metal Blue Silicium and 1969 Heavy Metal Grey Silicium— whereas the infinity of space is featured with a brown dial integrated into a black PVD-coated steel case and bezel on the 1969 Black Metal Brown Silicium.

The small seconds counter applied at 9 o’clock onto every 1969 dial replicates, the visor used by the astronauts to guide the LEM safely onto the surface of the moon. The crown holds, on its extremity, prints left on the moon by the landing pads of the lunar module. Furthermore the markers and the skeletonized hour, minute and second hand’s tips have been enhanced with superluminova, emitting an electric blue luminescence in the dark.

L1220005 (1).jpg

Other interesting details are the paws that secure the bezel and represent the emblematic X shape featured on all Romain Jerome timepieces. The case backs are textured with a grainy stellar pattern and decorated with a medallion made from RJ’s Moon SilverRJ —a silver alloy developed by Romain Jerome with an extremely low oxidation rate incorporating moon dust interacting on an infra-molecular level with the wearer of the watch creating a cosmic patina with time reproducing the lunar surface. The beating heart inside these new timepieces is the Romain Jerome automatic calibre RJ003-A fitted with 30 jewels and which provides a power reserve of 40 hours while beating at a frequency of 28,800 vph. Lastly, all four watches are waterproof to a depth of 30 meters.

L1210992 (1).jpg

By using cutting edge materials Romain Jerome highlights its recognizable design codes. The new case size and use of cosmic elements reflect the brands commitment to the conquest of space and to its continuous homage to contemporary legends. The new 1969 is a cosmic collision between man’s dream of other worlds and true watchmaking precision. All four watches are fitted with black alligator straps with pin buckle. While the three stainless steel models are available in a limited edition of 99 pieces each, the Black PVD model is available in a limited edition of only 25 pieces.

Sticker Price $10,500 USD for Silicium Colored dial models. $11,500 USD for Meteorite dial model. For more info on Romain Jerome click here.

Reference Information

1969 Black Metal Brown Silicium ref. RJ.M.AU.020.06, Silicium with brown PVD finish dial and PVD case.

1969 Heavy Metal Blue Silicium ref. RJ.M.AU.020.02, Silicium with blue PVD finish dial.

1969 Heavy Metal Grey Silicium ref. RJ.M.AU.020.05, Silicium with grey PVD finish dial.

1969 Heavy Metal Meteorite ref. RJ.M.AU.020.03, Meteorite dial.