Insider: Blancpain Jour Nuit 'Day Night'. A Strikingly Beautiful and Refined Timepiece for Ladies.

We typically don't feature ladies watches on our website unless it's a piece that we really like. Therefore, we are featuring the new Blancpain 'Day Night' —Jour Nuit— released at Baselworld 2015 last month. Equipped with an exclusive movement incorporating two retrograde indications, the new Blancpain Day Night distinguishes itself with substantial technical innovations and by the fine craftsmanship of its disk. Once more Blancpain has reinforced its DNA and its tradition of innovation with this demonstration of savoir-faire in a new caliber created especially for its collection Women. Fitted with a generous case in 18K red gold with encrusted diamond bezel and a diameter of 40 mm, this timepiece offers an harmonious balance between its diameter and thickness at 11.35 mm. The dial is fashioned entirely in mother-of-pearl and is divided into three parts on four levels. The differences in height create an impression of great depth. Careful work was called for to fashion the mother of pearl surface upon progressively descending levels, as the mother of pearl material on a base of German silver becomes progressively thinner with each level and, therefore, more fragile. The diamonds on the bezel and the dial total 2.257 carats.

The Day Night disk turns twice per day. Each rotational change takes place over approximately
four minutes, as the decoration presents itself, allowing the discovery of all of the details of
the day and the night. Many different artistic techniques were used in its creation including: la décalque —depositing material—, le champlevé —contour forms in relief—, and le marquetage —integration of superimposed motifs in mother of pearl. Gradations in the color blue, achieved by deposit upon the mother of pearl, marks the change from day to night. The moon is composed of 50 diamonds; the sun is fashioned with 50 yellow sapphires. Placed upon the surface are several yellow colored mother of pearl dots as well as 14 diamonds which represent the stars.

One of the unique features of this piece is the way that the two retrograde indications —seconds and hours— are combined with the minute hand. The minute is displayed with a regulator hand which continuously sweeps over its circle of rotation. As it completes its 60 minute march, the seconds hand is retrograding, which is to say that it has progressed along its arc and returns instantly to its point of departure to begin anew its progression. Similarly, the hour hand retrogrades twice per day, again in synch with the minute hand.

Blancpain has perfected the design of retrograde indications. Based upon snail shaped cams,
Blancpain’s design ensures smooth movement of the hands along the arc of travel and a positive, swift, yet vibration free return to the starting point. The gear train of the Day Night disk is secured, meaning that it can be set at any time of day. The setting of the time and the disk are independent. The setting of hours and minutes by the crown, through a lever, disconnects the indication from the running train of the watch. Blancpain’s signature design elements such as the double stepped case with its rounded shoulders are found in this timepiece. The bezel is set with two spiral shaped rows of 140 diamonds around its exterior.

Based upon the caliber 1150, the movement of the Blancpain 'Day Night' is larger in diameter measuring 34 mm. The winding rotor, decoratively engraved and polished, has been enlarged to enhance the view of the complex movement through the sapphire case back. The movement is composed of 372 components and 47 jewels and its power reserve has yet not being confirmed by Blancpain.

The new Blancpain 'Jour Nuit' —Day Night— is fitted with a white ostrich strap with pin buckle in matching 18K red gold and is definitely one of the most elegant an beautiful ladies watches we've seen recently. If you want to surprise that special lady in your life, this is the way to go. Countless days and nights will begin with a smile while this timepiece is on her wrist.

Sticker Price $51,500 USD. For more info on Blancpain click here

Posted on April 24, 2015 and filed under Baselworld, Blancpain.