Experience: Romeo y Julieta, Romeo No. 3. The Perfect Cigar for Ladies Enjoying the Good Life.

This time, we are reviewing the Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 3, a cigar perfectly suited for those ladies that want to enjoy a cigar or for those watchlifestylers wanting to smoke more than one cigar in an evening. By the way, Romeo y Julieta is one of our favorite brands of Habanos from Cuba due to their smooth and aromatic nature.

Named after William Shakespeare’s tragic lovers novel, Romeo y Julieta dates back to 1875 when the brand was established. In 1946, during Sir Winston's Churchill visit to Cuba, the brand instantly became his favorite. Afterwards, Romeo y Julieta decided to add Churchill's name to their 'vitolas' in order to describe the brand's most famous size —Churchills— measuring 7" long with a 47 ring gauge. 

Romeo y Julieta Romeo No. 3 is a short 'Corona' a.k.a. 'Coronita' that is available in tubes and boxes of three. The Romeo y Julieta brand offers some of the smoothest Habanos thanks to the well balanced blend of selected leaves that come from the 'Vuelta Abajo' region in Cuba.

Romeo No. 3 is a cigar that measures 4.6" in length with a 40 ring gauge. The color of this cigar is medium brown —very common color among 'Vuelta Abajo' cigars— with strong notes of coffee and pepper in one of the smoothest Habanos you will find in the market. Comparable cigars in terms of smoothness would be the H. Upmman Edición Limitada 2009, the Cohiba Siglo III and the Romeo y Julieta Coronitas en Cedro.

This smooth and delicious cigar offers a flavor profile that remains even through almost the whole cigar with a minor variation towards the last quarter of it. Burning time of approximately 30 minutes without too frequent puffing. The cigar is perfectly rolled but not in a very tight way, regardless, it won't go out even if you are an inexperienced cigar smoker.

Overall, this is a perfect cigar for ladies wanting to enjoy one of the biggest pleasures that the good life brings or for those experienced cigar aficionados that like to smoke several cigars after a good meal.