Experience: NATO Straps or Rob Montana. Your Choice.

Change is always good. Fitting your watches with NATO or vintage leather straps adds versatility and creates a completely different look to coordinate with your attire. This time, we fitted different NATO straps to several 1675s and the result was very interesting.

The NATO strap adds some character but it also turns the strap into integral part of the color scheme of your attire. Additionally, NATO straps reinforce the overall vintage look of a vintage Rolex timepiece. When it comes to leather straps, one of our favorites due to its rugged appearance is Rob Montana. This rugged leather strap gives the watch a unique and outdoorsy look.   

Now, which do you prefer? Are you a NATO type of guy or more of an urban woodsman?

Vintage leather or NATO is up to you and the personality of your vintage watch. 

For more info on Rob Montana straps click here.  

Posted on April 12, 2013 and filed under Fashion & Style.