Experience: Hermès Tricolor Kelly Bag and a Discontinued Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Date-Day-Moonphase in 18K Yellow Gold

TriColor Kelly bag in Jaune, Vert Cru and Blue Thalassa.

The Hermès Kelly bag renamed after actress and Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly is a classic just as the now discontinued Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Date-Date-Moonphase triple complication ref. 25594BA.

This gorgeous Royal Oak in 36mm and solid 18K yellow gold is a perfect example of a watch that goes well with everything. One of our watch lifestylers wears this watch on a daily basis due to its versatility and the neutral color of its dial. Because of the smaller size of the case—when compared to today's standards—this watch has the perfect size for any female watch lifestyler wanting to make a wrist statement.

This watch originally fitted with caliber 2224/2825 will help you keep track of the day, date and lunar phases during your hectic monthly schedule.

Now, If you consider buying a Royal Oak like this one to turn it into your daily beater, just make sure that you have the matching Tri Color Kelly bag to go with it.

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