Experience: Elie Bleu Che Humidor. The Best Humidors in the World.

Elie Bleu of Paris has long been renowned as the maker of the world's best humidors and also of some of the most fascinating watch cases and cabinets. Founded in 1976 in the heart of the Parisian artistic woodwork area in Fabourg Saint-Antoine, Elie Bleu humidors are a work of art and individually handcrafted. In 2000, the company launched its first line of watch cases and in 2005 during BaselWorld, they presented watch storing cabinets fitted with up to a hundred automatic winders. In 2009, Elie Bleu was granted the 'Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant'—Living Heritage Companies—recognition.

Each Elie Bleu humidor is individually handcrafted in France from precious fruitwood and finished with up to eight fine coats of clear varnish to provide a striking lacquered sycamore finish. All their wood is open air cured for a minimum of ten years to eliminate the possibility of sapping, cracking or warping. To be honest, no other humidor can match Elie Bleu's quality, durability, beauty, heirloom potential and reliability for generations of use.

All Elie Blue humidors are fitted with a gorgeous and very accurate analog hygrometer, separator and their patented humidifying unit that is guaranteed to last between two to three years. The hinges and front lock are delicately finished to guarantee hermetic cigar keeping and smooth opening and closing of the humidor.

The 'Che' Guevara humidor line is one of our favorites and for sure meant to become a future rarity and a collector's item. The 'Che' humidor line includes some of the most fascinating and colorful designs, all of them utilizing Alberto Korda's iconic portrait of 'Che' Guevara or the color palette of the Cuban flag. This particular humidor fits up to 75 cigars and provides a beautiful cedar-wood smell that will captivate your senses. Sticker price for this Elie Bleu humidor: $2785.

The 'Che' limited edition humidor is almost as rare as the Rolex GMT Master ref. 1675 'Che' used to wear.

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Posted on April 17, 2013 and filed under Food Wine & Cigars.