Watch Goodies: Porsche 911 Alarm Clock. Wake Up to a Roaring Engine.

The Porsche Design 911 alarm clock is a must have for watchlifestylers that are hardcore Porsche enthusiasts. Designed to look like the tachometer on the 911's dashboard, this alarm clock is meant to make you feel like you are still driving your car, even while sitting at your desk or laying in bed. The clock comes with a sturdy but finely finished aluminum case, digital time and date display, alarm, second time zone and timer functions.  

The orange hand on the dial is used to set the alarm which will wake you up to the roaring sounds of a 911 mono-block with a blinking red brake light indicator. If you hate getting out of your car every time you get home, then you definitely need one of these clocks. To get this clock click here.

Here's a video showing the sounds of the clock.