Baselworld: Ulysse Nardin. Ten Novelties with Impressive Horological and Design Attributes.

Since the manufacturer’s earliest days more than 167 years ago when its founder, Ulysse Nardin, began making marine chronometers in a mountainous location in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, the watchmaking powerhouse has continually proved that challenges present vast opportunities worthy of exploration. It is these explorations that have resulted in Ulysse Nardin’s unprecedented inventions in horology. The year 2013 is ripe with invention and the introduction of six in-house developed movements.

Routinely seeking to forge unconventional relationships to strengthen its lead and independence in watchmaking, Ulysse Nardin went on to acquire Donzé Cadrans, the world-recognized enamel-dial specialist. Treasuring the art of enameling and enamel cloisonné, Ulysse Nardin adds this masterful skill to its in-house capabilities.

This year at Baselworld, ten fascinating new timepieces were launched. All of them with very impressive horological and design attributes.

The line-up includes the Marine Chronograph—enameled watch featuring the new in-house chronograph movement UN-150. The Black Sea Marine Diver in stainless steel with a vulcanized rubber coated case.

The Jade, is the first ladies watch with an in-house caliber featuring four exquisite green jade horns that flank the watch bezel with a magnificent ring of emeralds and diamonds and the ability to set the time and date without having to pull the crown out. The time is set by using a pusher at the four o’clock position that changes the function of the crown so that each adjustment is then simply made by turning the crown forwards or backwards without any need to pull it out.

The Black Toro Perpetual Calendar a rose gold and ceramic timepiece offering the simplest setting capabilities of any perpetual calendar out there.

The Stranger Musical watch which is the first in this series of 99-piece limited edition timepieces that plays the melody 'Strangers in the Night' on the hour and on call with direct collaboration by virtuoso Dieter Meier.

The Skeleton Manufacture featuring a flying tourbillon and available in two limited editions of 99 pieces in red gold and 99 pieces in platinum.

The Carnival of Venice Minute Repeater limited to 18 pieces with a dial that depicts two figures in front of the Rialto Bridge on the Grand Canal. Both figures are wearing masks, alluding to the Carnival of Venice and with the minute repeater’s chiming of the hours, quarters and minutes, the figures lift their masks.

The Royal Ruby Tourbillon, a handcrafted masterpiece set with 12 rubies distinguishing the hours and accompanied by 48 diamonds in a limited edition of 99 pieces.

The Classico Cloissoné Pride of Baltimore—drawing inspiration from the history changing use of Baltimore Clippers during the War of 1812— and lastly the new Classico Serpent—celebrating the Chinese year of the snake in a limited edition of 88 lucky pieces, this timepiece is a mastery of the art of champlevé enamel method where cells are carved with a chisel directly on the dial and then filled with enamel of a variety of colors created from different metallic oxides.