Baselworld: Tissot. 160 Years of History.

The Tissot Pavilion is located across from Omega and Ebel. This year, Tissot celebrates its 160th anniversary with the Tissot Heritage Navigator, a watch created for their 100th anniversary in 1953 and which reflects all the achievements of the brand since 1853. Today, Tissot is the biggest Swiss watch brand in volume sales, after Swatch.

The Tissot Heritage Navigator 160th Anniversary is a world timer watch indicating multiple time zones. Once you've set the watch to the capital of your choice, the corresponding time zone is shown on the numbers on the bezel. This watch is a perfect example of what Tissot stands for: tradition and a touch of innovation. After the first two pictures, you'll find Tissot's video for this watch.

Additionally, Tissot also presented their quartet of pocket watches named Musical Seasons, a collection that includes four different pocket watches. Every one of the four pocket watches captures the atmosphere of a season through a different colored cameo on the dial and its own excerpt of seasonal musical tones and their own visual interpretation of the passage of time. It may be 333 years since the birth of Antonio Vivaldi, but the inspiration of the four seasons expressed in his famous violin concerto has withstood the test of time.

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