Baselworld: Concord. The C1 Chronograph Gets a Facelift.

Concord, Movado's higher end brand presented three new models including a new revamped and upgraded C1 Chronograph, a new Saratoga Chrono and also a Saratoga Lady.

Six years after the successful launch of its rugged C1 Chronograph, Concord has taken the new C1 into a whole other dimension. Slimmer and sexier, larger and leaner, the C1 has undergone a radical makeover in both look and constitution, while retaining the unmistakable DNA of the brand and its heritage.

Pared down to a svelte 15.10mm from the original 16.7 mm thickness, the C1’s case size has been expanded from 44mm to 47mm, in light-as-air grade 5 Titanium. To provide enhanced durability and heightened elegance, the original C1’s more rugged-looking rubber-coated metal bezel has been swapped for a hard wearing, up-to-the-minute ceramic version. Definitely nice upgrades to this fantastic looking watch.

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