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Insider: Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon Aventurine. The Nicest Moon Phase Watch Gets Even Better.

The Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon is for sure the nicest moon phase indicator watch in the market. Well, just as if it wasn't stunning enough, the brand released this new iteration during Baselworld 2019. The new HM Perpetual Moon Aventurine is now sporting a beautiful sparkly Aventurine dial. Fitted with the biggest moon phase indication in the market, the Arnold & Son HM Perpetual Moon displays the moon as seen from the northern hemisphere on a wide spread aperture that spans from 10 to 2 o’clock on the dial.

Baselworld 2019: Arnold & Son Time Pyramid Flying Tourbillon in Red Gold and in Stainless Steel. Live Pictures & Price.

The Arnold & Son Time Pyramid was first released in stainless steel in 2014 and now comes back with a skeletonized flying tourbillon. The tourbillon and the two power reserve indicators are superposed by a sapphire crystal dial indicating the hours itself, crowned with a rhodium plated ring for the minutes. This exclusive construction offers a lively-look and three-dimensional face to the timepiece and, to further enhance the balance and symmetry, the crown is positioned at six o’clock.

Insider: Arnold & Son Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36 Gunmetal Edition. Rugged and Refined Looking at the Same Time.

Following the success of the Arnold & Son TB88 Gunmetal Limited Edition comes the Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36 Gunmetal Edition. Fitted with a sandblasted stainless steel case with dark grey DLC Gunmetal coating and highly contrasting red gold tones on its movement, this Gunmetal edition of the signature Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36 is available in a limited edition of 28 pieces. With a look that could make anyone think that this is a military watch, this new iteration of the Arnold & Son Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36 combines a rugged and refined look at the same time.

Insider: Arnold & Son Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36 Tribute Editions. Hands-on with the New Non-Limited Edition Models.

The year 2018 marks 240 years since the creation of John Arnold’s historically significant Chronometer No. 1/36. This timepiece was the first time measuring instrument to be called a “chronometer” for its unprecedented precision. To mark the historical milestone and following the release of the Arnold & Son Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36 from last year —which you can see here—, Arnold & Son has released two tribute editions honoring the Tourbillon Chronometer No.36 at Baselworld 2018 a few weeks ago.

Baselworld 2018: Arnold & Son Globetrotter. Live Pictures & Pricing.

A watch that we couldn't wait to see in the metal at Baselworld 2018 was the new Arnold & Son Globetrotter. The first worldtimer for Arnold & Son and one of our favorite watches this year. The new Arnold & Son Globetrotter features a 45 mm case in stainless steel case and a three-dimensional world time display that takes the center stage. This 3D world time display is held by a large central arched bridge spanning the entire diameter of the dial.

Pre-Baselworld 2018: Arnold & Son Globetrotter. The First Worldtimer for this Brand with a Three-Dimensional Display at the Center of the Dial.

Pre-Baselworld 2018, Arnold & Son reimagines the worldtime complication in a magnificent, sculptural fashion with the new Globetrotter. Between the 18th and 19th century, Arnold & Son made a name for itself by creating some of the most precise marine chronometers of the epoch, which were used not just to tell the time, but as navigational instruments to determine longitude and sail safely from one location to another. Arnold & Son chronometers have taken part in extraordinary voyages, including James Cook voyages to the Pacific Ocean, as well as Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated third and final expedition to the icy waters north of Canada in 1845.

Insider: Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton. Hands-on with a Very Impressive Dual Time Watch.

One of our favorite releases at Baselworld 2017 a few months ago is the new Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton. This dual time zone watch that takes skeletonization to the max is the successor to the previously released Arnold & Son DBG dual time GMT timepiece. With a name that reveals its nature through a DBG acronym where DB stands for 'Double Balance' and G for 'GMT', the DBG Skeleton just like all other timepieces released by this brand, takes its inspiration from the historical chronometers built by John Arnold and his son.

Arnold & Son Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36. Hands-on with a Stunning Timepiece with Spectacular Finishes.

A watch that we really enjoyed reviewing in the metal while we were attending Baselworld 2017 was the new Arnold & Son Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36. This watch where symmetry and skeletonization are the name of the game is one of the best examples of the impressive work that comes out of the Arnold & Son workshops in La Chaux-de-Fonds.

News: Pre-Baselworld 2017 Presenting the new Arnold & Son DBG Skeleton

Arnold & Son unveils a new rendition of its unique DBG dual-time —GMT— timepiece, the DBG Skeleton. An acronym for “double balance” and “GMT”, the DBG Skeleton references the precise chronometers built by John Arnold and his son. With a new skeletonized execution, the DBG Skeleton showcases Arnold & Son’s watchmaking prowess as well as attention to aesthetic details with the newly developed manufacture A&S1309 calibre, which has been conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in-house.

News: Pre-Baselworld 2017 Presenting the new Arnold & Son Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36

In preparation for Baselworld 2017 which is only 12 days away, Arnold & Son just released the new Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36. Symmetry and skeletonization are two traits that should come to mind whenever Arnold & Son is mentioned, and the Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36 is certainly no exception. Drawing inspiration from the John Arnold pocket chronometer No. 1/36, which will mark its 240th anniversary in 2018, the Tourbillon Chronometer No. 36 is a commemorative creation leading up to the milestone year for the historically significant John Arnold chronometer.

Video: Watch Collecting Lifestyle x Arnold & Son. A Night Filled with Tequila and Watch Collectors in Mexico City.

Here's a brief video recap of the special dinner with hosted with Arnold & Son during the SIAR 2016 in Mexico City with a very exclusive group of watch collectors from Mexico. An article about this event coming up later this week. For now, enjoy this short video.

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Insider: Arnold & Son TB88 Gunmetal Limited Edition. Hands-on with a Stunning 5-Piece Limited Edition Timepiece.

The Arnold & Son TB88 model is not only one of the very first watches from this manufacture but also a tribute to John Arnold's earliest known pocket watch, of which the original case bears the number '88'. The new TB88 Gunmetal maintains all the original cues of the first Arnold & Son TB88 but this time with a gorgeous sandblasted gunmetal grey DLC stainless steel case paying homage to the English gunsmith tradition.

Video: Watch Collecting Lifestyle x Arnold & Son. New York City Collectors Dinner.

Here's a brief video recap of the special dinner with hosted with Arnold & Son with watch collectors from NYC. For those of you who might've missed our article about this event last week, you can check out our full write-up and photo recap here. 

Experience: Arnold & Son Collectors Dinner with Watch Collecting Lifestyle. Another Great Watch Night in New York City.

Last Tuesday September 13th, 2016, in partnership with Arnold & Son, we hosted a casual dinner in New York City, where some of the finest watch collectors in the city joined us for a night filled with Negronis, good food and very exclusive timepieces at the Lafayette Grand Café in the East Village. In what we can describe as a relaxing laid back evening, collectors were able to peruse not only most of the timepieces in the Arnold & Son collection, but also some of the spectacular watches from their sister company Angelus.

Insider: Arnold & Son Double Tourbillon Escapement Dual Time DTE. Hands-on with a True Horological Feat.

If you like double tourbillons, you're going to love this new watch from Arnold & Son. The new Double Tourbillon Escapement Dual Time DTE not only features a double tourbillon but also the ability of keeping track of two different time zones. In this amazing timepiece, Arnold & Son deftly blends its rich British heritage and superior watchmaking ingenuity, by presenting a superb timepiece that reflects its famed past with a visionary look forward.

News: Presenting the new Arnold & Son HM Dragon and Fenghuang. A 5-Piece Limited Edition.

Arnold & Son celebrates the dragon and the fenghuang —Chinese Phoenix— with an exquisitely crafted limited edition. This latest 5-piece limited edition from Arnold & Son combines inspiration from traditional Chinese paper cutting with traditional Haute Horlogerie. In Chinese mythology the dragon is a divine creature signifying power and good fortune, and is the free spirit of the zodiac. In ancient and modern Chinese culture, the dragon is often depicted along with the fenghuang.

Insider: Presenting the New Arnold & Son Métiers d’Art True Beat Dragon Limited Edition. Hands-on, Live Pictures and Pricing.

The latest addition to the Arnold & Son Instrument Collection is the new Arnold & Son Métiers d’Art TB Dragon Limited Edition ref. 1ARAP.B04A.C120P/121P which combines the marine precision of the true beat —TB— movement with aesthetic perfection. Featuring one of the instantly recognizable design cues of the Instrument Collection, the off-centered positioning of the time display at 9 o’clock leaves a generous open area and creates a perfect setting for the exquisite engraved and hand-painted depiction of a dragon.

News: Arnold & Son Releases a New Version of the Golden Wheel. A 125-piece Limited Edition with Black ADLC Treated Dial Plate and Black Numerals.

With a rich British watchmaking heritage that dates back to the 18th century, Arnold & Son masterfully reinterprets history with a visionary eye to the future. Underscoring its watchmaking prowess, Arnold & Son regularly unveils complicated watches with a unique twist. The patented Golden Wheel deftly reflects the brand’s ingenuity and commitment to Haute Horlogerie. The first Arnold & Son Golden Wheel was released at Baselworld 2015 and we brought you our hands-on review here.

Insider: Presenting the new Arnold & Son TES Blue Tourbillon. Hands-on with a Strikingly Beautiful 25-piece Limited Edition.

True to English watchmaking heritage, we present you our hands-on with the new Arnold & Son TES Blue Tourbillon with blue CVD main plate. This new watch part of the Royal Collection which combines classic styling with leading-edge technology, was previously only available in 18K red gold with NAC anthracite grey main plate.

Insider: Arnold & Son Eight-Day Royal Navy. A Gorgeous Stainless Steel Timepiece with a Polished Lacquered Guilloché Dial, Priced Just Right.

Demonstrating its rich British history and quality Swiss craftsmanship, the Arnold & Son Eight-Day Royal Navy brings the best from this manufacture in a stainless steel piece at a very nice entry level price point for this calibre of watch. This watch is a testament to Arnold & Son's tradition of building marine chronometers. With a stunning new eight-day power reserve movement, it is part of the sophisticated Royal Collection that took its inspiration from the timepieces commissioned by King George III.