Watch Goodies: Zenith El Primero 1969 Chronograph Wall Clock. One of Our Favorite Clocks Out There.

Wall clocks designed after of some of the most iconic watches in the world is something every watch collector loves and lusts after. Whether you run into them at an authorized dealer, an airport lounge or just at someone's office or home, branded wall clocks are the type of watch paraphernalia that when you are a serious watch collector you would love to own. Sometimes we wish we had unlimited wall space to have each and every single one of them adorning our office or living spaces. The Zenith El Primero wall clock is one of those rare clocks you don't see too often; however, it is one of our favorite ones.

The dial on the clock is very well executed with a nice satin brushed finish and multi-layer construction to resemble the Zenith 'El Primero 1969 Chronograph'. The dial features applied markers and even a sweeping hand to resemble the movement in the automatic movement powering the El Primero. One thing that would've been just perfect, is if the chronograph did work and it wasn't there just for looks. Well, we know that that, is asking a little too much.

With a case measuring 15.75" in diameter and 2.75" in thickness, the clock is extremely well finished paying flawless homage to the legendary 'El Primero 1969' 36,000 vph chronograph. The clock is made of a combination of very high quality chromed hard plastic with satin brushed finished aluminum lug inserts. The construction is so solid, that the watch weighs between three to five pounds. The proportions of the case are quite accurate and done as a perfect scale of the 'El Primero' Chronograph timepiece. The clock features a mineral glass and not a plexiglas as many other clocks from other brands. While on one of our pictures of the glass seems to show that the glass has a greenish tint when looking at it at an angle from the bottom, that is not the case when you look at the clock on any wall. The glass is perfectly clear and not greenish at all.

Fitted with a solid galvanized aluminum case back, the beating heart of this El Primero wall clock is a generic German made quartz movement powered by a 'AA' alkaline battery. The back is fitted with four rubber protectors to avoid putting any scratches on your wall and a small lid that can be removed to replace the battery on the movement.

Without a doubt, the iconic color scheme on the dial of this Zenith El Primero wall clock, would go well in anyone's office or home. Furthermore, this clock will be a perfect addition to anyone being a crazy vintage Zenith watch collector. While a clock like this is typically not for sale by the brand, you will see them pop up from time to time at the IWJG shows or on the famous auction site. Lastly, please don't send any inquiries about purchasing this clock from us as we will not be selling it. Thank you Zenith watches for such a precious wall decorating piece.

Approximate Sticker Price $1,000-$2,000 USD. For more info on Zenith click here.