Watch Goodies: The Ultimate Rolex Daytona Mini Book by Pucci Papaleo. A Must Have for Vintage Rolex Daytona Lovers.

If you consider yourself a vintage Rolex Daytona lover this book is a must have. The 'Ultimate Rolex Daytona' book by Pucci Papaleo —the authority when it comes to understanding and learning about some of the most rare Rolex Daytonas in the world— is a jewel in the world of watch literature. Available in two different formats, the 2000 images in this book tell the story of the Rolex Daytona as never before. The 'Ultimate Rolex Daytona' is available in a limited edition of 599 numbered copies in a large format —17.7" x 13.3"— with more than 600 pages of content and bound with a leather lined 8 mm wood spine. The weight of the book is 12 kilograms —26.4 pounds. Alternatively, there is a mini version that we decided to purchase instead, this mini book version is an exact reproduction of the large format book at a more affordable price and more manageable size —6.5" x 5.5" x 2.25".

The mini 'Ultimate Rolex Daytona' book with a thickness of 2.25 inches and 608 pages, portrays the history of one of the most iconic watches from Rolex like no other book has done it in the past. This exceptional book was created by Pucci Papaleo to showcase the most outstanding collection of Rolex Daytonas in the world —from the early examples from the 60s to present day production pieces—, highlighting the evolution of design and construction techniques of this iconic watch. With photography by Pino Abbrescia and Fabio Santinelli and texts by Paolo Gobbi, this book is one of those books that every watch collector must own. The book comes with texts in Italian and English and features 180 breathtaking Rolex Daytonas of which many are unique pieces, just like the Linz Daytona paired with the book in our pictures.

Additionally, other special models and all the variants of the famous Paul Newman dial are included, as well as watches bearing concept dials or special production cases used to evaluate stylistic choices before they went into production. Lastly, special attention is dedicated to prototype dials and custom-made examples, alongside a huge section devoted to the more normal Daytonas. Without a doubt, the most comprehensive guide to those vintage Daytonas we see auctioning at Phillips Watches in the last couple of years. Just like the Linz Daytona we see here that will be auctioned by Phillips at their Geneva Watch Auction FOUR.

While many prefer the numbered limited edition of the 'Ultimate Rolex Daytona' book, we find the mini version simply perfect and more convenient. Not only the book weighs less, but it is also easier to carry around and easier to browse. The book comes bound with a beautiful 'Rolex green' fabric with ultra hard covers and with a gorgeous glossy picture of a Daytona on the front. Additionally, the book comes with a hard protective sleeve with the same look and design as the book.

Sticker Price €380 Euro —approximately $420 USD— plus shipping from Italy. For more info on Pucci Papaleo and his books click here.

Posted on October 28, 2016 and filed under Rolex, Watch Goodies.