Watch Goodies: Officine Panerai Pendulette Teak Desk Clock OP 6676 PAM 254. Owning One is a Paneristi Dream Come True.

There are desk clocks and then there's this particular clock. The Officine Panerai Pendulette teak wood desk clock PAM 254 is one of those items typically reserved for authorized dealers and one that we've seen in person only a handful of times. The clock, is very maritime looking —similar to a porthole— and typically available in satin brushed finish or black. A rarity in its own, the Panerai Pendulette clock OP 6676/PAM 254 features a teak wood base measuring 5.75" in width and 6.00" long. Measured from the bottom of its base to the tallest point of it, the clock is 2" high and slanted at approximately a 20 degree angle from the back to the front.

The bottom features L-shaped rubberized corners to avoid scratching any surfaces. On the back, there is a removable satin brushed finished aluminum cover with the serial number of the clock and the OP information. In order to access the Swiss quartz movement powering this clock, the aluminum cover needs to be removed by unscrewing the fours screws fastening its corners.

The clock is fitted with a black matte dial with ecru superluminova markers and numerals following the traditional Panerai Luminor dial layout.

The superluminova on the dial is really bright and long lasting. When exposed to UV light, the lume on the dial is so bright that if you were to have it sitting on your nightstand, you'd probably have to cover it before you could go to sleep.

As far as we know and what we've been told, this clock is typically not available for sale and is only accessible through Panerai authorized dealers that keep them as props in their showrooms or are given to VIP collector's of the brand. Occasionally, one could find these around the popular auction site for some serious crazy money. Now, while we love this clock the way it is, the only thing that could've made it even better, is if it had been fitted with a sandwich dial instead of a sausage one.

Approximate Sticker Price $1,200-1,800 USD. For more info on Officine Panerai click here.