Video: SLYDE HD3 & S1. A Digital Swiss Timepiece with Multiple Displays.

SLYDE watches are perhaps the coolest digital display watch in the market. These watches draw on a whole range of groundbreaking technologies and merge them into the world of 21st century luxury watchmaking in a user friendly digital timepiece. Incorporating the craftsmanship and accuracy of high-end watch-making, the technology of an internet platform and the aura of prestige, SLYDE features a touchscreen powered by a high-tech graphic engine with a groundbreaking navigation system. Thanks to the host of display combinations, users can generate an endless variety of movements on their wrist. To read our full hands-on review click here.

Sticker Price $14,500 USD for S1 with PVD steel plates and gold lugs. $7,050 USD for HD3 in PVD Titanium. For more info on SLYDE click here. 

Posted on February 15, 2014 and filed under Slyde, Other Brands, Videos.