Insider: Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht Watch. As Amazing as the Mega Yacht Where it was Launched.

Just released in Miami on Saturday February 16th, 2019 while we were attending Watches & Wonders Miami 2019, the new Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht was presented aboard an incredible 156-foot mega yacht made by Baglietto boasting 342 square meters —3,681 square feet— of luxury area accommodations for 12 guests. During the presentation, we enjoyed a few early morning glasses of Perrier-Jouèt Grand Brut along with some fresh tuna and caviar. Without a doubt, the perfect luxury setting to reveal an incredible timepiece priced at $310,000 USD. For Ulysse Nardin setting out to sea is a key moment in any new voyage. The voyage proposed by Ulysse Nardin offers the chance to come aboard a flagship of inventive watchmaking with visible, elegant mechanics that feature a play on movement, combining technical versatility and the raw emotion of the ocean waves.

Things to Know About the Watch

Built in the same spirit as a luxury mega yacht, the new Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht watch comes with a generous 44 mm .950 platinum case with blue alligator strap in a special edition of only 30 pieces. Featuring a flying tourbillon equipped with a cage modeled on a ship’s propeller, this new watch is equipped with a gorgeous ‘Grand Feu’ enamel dial with an incredible blue gradient around it. We can only imagine how many dials had to be destroyed during the lengthy and challenging process of creating 30 dials with this technique for this limited edition.

The blue dial reminiscent of the sea, features what looks like a ship’s bow plowing its way through the ocean waves with a satin brushed white gold appliqué. Magnificently reproduced in 3D, the bow seem to surface from a pool of white gold as though it were emerging from the mist, and cuts through a sea of ‘grand feu’ enamel on a wave of foam portrayed with astonishing realism. The watch features a flying tourbillon at 6 o’clock, an extremely accurate representation of the Moon with an ultra-detailed 3D spherical moon, a very sophisticated tide indicator, while an anchor attached to the windlass at 3 o’clock raises and falls to indicate the power reserve.

At 12 o’clock and featuring a very clever mechanism, one can be fully astonished by the action of the winding-crown as the watch gets wound and the gears and differential turn around along with the windlass and anchor that move up or down on the vertical power reserve indicator.

A small window located on the case band below the blue rubberized winding crown, displays the position of the crown in the same way as the screen of a Chadburn Telegraph. The picture below shows the crown in the ‘Winding’ position.

Along with displaying the time and captivating with its flying tourbillon, the watch provides the life cycle of the moon with a prominent ultra-realistic moon indicator located at 9 o’clock giving a three-dimensional presentation of the phases of the Moon. Below the moon indicator, the dial features a tide indicator that displays the height of the tides in real time in relation to a specific location, in addition to indicating the seasonal coefficients to the right side of the moon.

The Movement

Fully visible via the display case back, the manual wound calibre UN-631 is the beating heart of the new Marine Mega Yacht watch. With its bridges finished in a very industrial/engine-like design —almost like a sci-fi machine—, the 37 mm movement is composed of 504 parts and provides a power reserve of 80 hours while beating at a frequency of 21,600 vph.

On the Wrist & Pricing

On the wrist, the Ulysse Nardin Marine Mega Yacht Limited Edition wears true to its 44 mm size and with incredible wrist presence. One of the nicest watches ever released by Ulysse Nardin with exceptional craftsmanship and one of the most beautiful dials out there. If you like blue dials, watches that can spark a conversation anywhere and a watch that is perfectly suited to sail the seven seas aboard your Baglietto mega yacht, look no further. Available in a limited edition of only 30 pieces.

Sticker Price $310,000 USD. For more info on Ulysse Nardin click here.