The Watchlifestylers: Meet Yanina LeCristal. An Instagram Fashionista that Loves Watches and Everything Hermès.

A few weeks ago, we were asked why we've never featured any female collectors or watchlifestylers within our Watch Collector's Corner. Well, today we bring you what you've been asking for. A little over a year ago, we came across Yanina LeCristal's Instagram profile. After realizing we had friends in common, we started following each other. The fact that she keeps her feed very real and ultra luxurious, is something that we really enjoy about it. Yanina is not only a very successful business woman but also a watch collector and watchlifestyler on Instagram. Her addiction to luxury, to everything Hermès and to the luxury watches she likes to wear, brings a nice dose of fresh content to Instagram.

What was your first real watch and how old where you?

"My first real luxury watch was a Cartier Pasha with diamonds. I purchased that watch during a trip to Madrid, I was 27 years old at the time and it was one of my biggest purchases ever back then. I really never wore watches before then, but I saw it, and fell in love with it right away. That's how my love affair with watches started. I also own a few other watches from Chopard, Bertolucci, Cartier, Ulysse Nardin and Rolex, including a Day-Date President."

Often spotted wearing her Ulysse Nardin Executive Lady 18K Rose Gold Diamond Automatic watch or her Rolex Daytona ref. 116523 two-tone with black dial, her timepieces are always perfectly paired with the fanciest Louboutin, Valentino or Alexander McQueen heels, Louis Vuitton, Chanel or Hermès everything, exotic furs during the cold months and of course her Cartier Love bracelets paired with her own diamond jewelry designs.

Why do you like watches so much?

"The reason why I love watches, is not only because they are a statement piece but also a status symbol. Just like with luxury handbags, it's sort of your business card when you run into someone."

What watch do you wear in your collection the most and why?

"I definitely wear my two-tone Rolex Daytona ref. 116523 the most, I call it my everyday watch. It's easy to mix and match with other jewelry that I wear on a daily basis, easy to match with white and yellow gold pieces and it's also very durable. My other watches with diamonds and leather straps are more delicate and that's why I wear them less often."

What is your ultimate favorite watch in your collection?

"Definitely my Rolex Daytona ref. 116523 with black dial. It's my go to watch."

What is the dream watch you aspire to own one day?

"My dream watch at the moment I would say is an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak with diamonds. A girl has to have some serious bling in their life."

Why are you so much into fashion and what made you become a fashionista?

"I love fashion because it's the best form of self expression for me. Fashion and jewelry can tell a story during the day or show the mood you're in. Fashion helps you communicate whether you want to feel sexy or powerful, adventurous or mystique, feminine and confident or simply a bad ass lady."

Do any of your watches have a special story or sentimental value?

"Every watch or piece of jewelry in my collection has a sentimental value, as it was purchased to celebrate a special occasion, anniversaries, birthdays etc. I also love to buy watches while I am traveling, not only because I often find a better deal buying abroad, but also because it will remind me of my travels and places I visit. It's almost kind of like a souvenir or a postcard. Every time you wear it, you think of the places you visited when your purchased that particular piece. For instance, the Ulysse Nardin Executive Lady 18K Rose Gold Diamond Automatic watch that I am wearing during this photo shoot was a gift from my husband for my 40th birthday. I even got a special birthday cake were the Ulysse Nardin watch and one of my Birkin bags were recreated. Therefore, that particular watch is part of a very special moment and it will always remind me of my big 40th birthday."