Rare Bird: Piaget 50th Anniversary Altiplano Fob Watch. Number One of Twenty-Five.

Just like other watchlifestylers, we love to run into fascinating timepieces every once in a while. This time we came across an ultra rare Piaget 50th Anniversary ultra-thin squared-shaped Altiplano fob watch in rose gold. But what makes this example even more desirable or rare, is the fact that this is number one out of only twenty-five pieces ever made. Even though it is not the most popular model, for those that appreciate Piaget timepieces, it is definitely a must have in their collection. Let's toast to this rare bird with a glass of champagne as we tell you everything about it. Later tonight we will be reporting straight from NYC with a big watch release from Piaget.

This ultra-thin pocket watch —or 'fob' watch as Piaget likes to refer to it— is an exquisite timepiece with all the traditional elements of a Piaget timepiece. It is thin, exclusive and manufactured in the finest rose gold. Fitted with a beautiful sunburst silver dial, a removable chain and a brown leather protective sleeve, this watch is as elegant as it gets.

This watch is fitted with the legendary Piaget extra-thin manual-wound calibre 9P launched in 1957, measuring only 2mm in thickness composed of 89 parts and 18 jewels. This movement provides a power reserve of approximately 36 hours when fully wound. A simple, sturdy and ultra-thin movement that features only hours and minutes. A perfect example of the attention Piaget dedicates to details, this timepiece is very retro and its looks are unparalleled.

Just imagine yourself pulling this beauty out of your trouser pocket to check the time at a gala function at Lincoln Center or the Barbican Centre in London.

The sunburst silver dial along with the black hands and black 'batons' are pure elegance and a symphony of perfection. The dial is the perfect match to the intricate and carefully done engravings that are on the back of its rose gold case. The chain can be detached from the top of the case where the crown is located, adding a nice versatile touch in case you want to just drop this beauty in your jeans pocket.

As they say, the devil is in the details, but not in the details of this pocket watch that are just something else. Every element of its design is pure elegance and product of rigorous craftsmanship. Furthermore, how often do we get to see the first piece out of a batch of only twenty-five pieces in a limited edition? Not very often.

Now, could this be the return of pocket watches for some of our watchlifestylers? Certainly, only for those that have some extra 'pocket change' laying around.

Last known Sticker Price $24,000 USD.  For more info on Piaget click here.