Pre-Baselworld 2015: Introducing the New MB&F Horological Machine No. 3 MegaWind 'Final Edition'. Live Pictures and Pricing.

The new MB&F Horological Machine No. 3 HM3 MegaWind 'Final Edition' is the last iteration of the fascinating HM3 Series saga launched by MB&F in 2009. The Horological Machine No. 3 collection is one that makes an MB&F watch immediately recognizable and the HM3 Frog is one of the predecessors in the line that everyone can easily recognize from any angle. Derived from the iconic HM3 series, the new HM3 MegaWind 'Final Edition' combines a giant 22k gold and titanium winding rotor with highly legible time indication cones rising up from the complex asymmetric case, like truncated gold-framed monoliths. Rotating within their twin gold and sapphire crystal frustums, the cones display hours —left side— and minutes —right side, with the time clearly visible from both the large numbers on the sides of the cones as well as duplicate indications on their flat caps.

The HM3 series composed of more than 19 different watches including icons like the ‘Sidewinder’, the ‘Starcruiser’, the 'Frog' and the 'MegaWind' —just to name a few—, has now a 'Final Edition' in Black PVD-treated 18K gold and titanium that joins the MegaWind predecessors in 18K white gold with sky blue rotor and in 18K red gold with 18K red gold. The robust case of the HM3 MegaWind measuring 47mm x 50mm x 17mm is now fitted with the brightest GL C3 Grade A super-luminova in a very unique an interesting way, to give the wearer a full spectacle like never before.

However, while it may be a temporal desire that attracts the viewer’s gaze towards the three- dimensional sculptures housing the hours and minutes, it is likely to be the giant battle-axe shaped winding rotor that mesmerizes the eye as it swings unhurriedly, but indomitably, over the meticulously hand-finished movement.

To make things even better, this time the MB&F HM3 MegaWind 'Final Edition' includes super-luminova on all numerals as well as underneath the oscillating weight in a special band inlay. As the oscillating weight revolves, the strong, but lightweight high-tech titanium arms of the rotor intermittently reveal tantalizing views through to the fervently oscillating balance wheel. At the bottom of this post you will see a couple of our live pictures showing the luminescent material as the rotor spins around the top of the case.

The HM3 MegaWind 'Final Edition' —just like its predecessors— is powered by the beautifully engineered, Jean-Marc Wiederrecht-designed HM3 engine. Placing the rotor and regulator on the dial side required an inverted movement, which was only possible thanks to two large high-tech ceramic bearings that efficiently transmit time up to the revolving hour and minute cones above. The movement is composed of 270 parts, 36 jewels and automatic winding rotor in 3 parts with hub in titanium and outer sections in 22K gold, fastened with 4 rivets. The movement beats at a frequency of 28,800 vph to provide a power reserve of 48 hours.

To round out the all black design of this new MB&F timepiece, the watch is equipped with a black hand-stitched alligator strap with 18k gold and titanium custom designed folding buckle.

On the wrist, the new MB&F HM3 MegaWind 'Final Edition' wears huge but surprisingly comfortably. Anyone with a wrist smaller than 7.5'' in circumference will have the hardest time wearing this timepiece. This MegaWind, like all other iterations of the HM3 line is a watch that only a few can wear.

This is an exceptional timepiece made for the hardcore MB&F collector or for an individual that is generally irreverent and that wants to make a statement with the timepiece that is on his wrist. Amazing? yes; Made for everyone? not necessarily. Now, if you choose to wear this watch, you will be mesmerized by the luminescent material underneath its rotor. After you charge the lume and you make the rotor spin over and over again, the visual effect from the lume is just fascinating. The new MB&F Horological Machine No. 3 HM3 'Final Edition' is only available in a limited edition of 25 pieces.

Sticker Price $98,000 USD. For more info on MB&F click here.