News: Presenting Three New Officine Panerai Radiomir Watches. Radiomir Black Seal 8 Days PAM 609, Radiomir 8 Days PAM 610 and Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic Titanium PAM 619.

Officine Panerai is pleased to introduce three new timepieces within the Radiomir family. As you all know, the Radiomir line features a 45 mm case across the board with the exception of the Radiomir 1940 3 Days which is fitted with a 47 mm case construction —powered by the in-house calibre P.3000 which also powers the 47 mm Radiomir 1940 Marina Militare 3 Days PAM 587 presented here and the Luminor 1950 3 Days PAM 372 reviewed here. The three new models are the Radiomir Black Seal 8 Days in stainless steel —PAM 609—, the Radiomir 8 Days in stainless steel —PAM 610— and the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic in titanium —PAM 619. In the 1930s, the men in the Italian Royal Navy's Gamma Group, carried out their maneuvers astride human torpedoes a.k.a. "pigs" or indeed "black seals". The first modern Panerai Radiomir watch honoring ref. 3646 from the late 1930s was launched in 2004 with a 45mm —the original Radiomir watches had a case measuring 47mm in diameter— stainless steel cushion-shaped case with detachable wire lugs, display case back, black matte sandwich dial with superluminova, onion-shaped crown, gold calf strap with beige contrast stitching, large pin buckle and the OP XI hand-wound movement —based off of the ETA 6497/2 but with a swan neck regulator. This Panerai, was released under the 'Radiomir Black Seal' name and usually referred to by Paneristi as the PAM 183.

In 2011, Panerai presented the Radiomir Black Seal Logo with OP logo at 6 o'clock and fitted with a 'sausage dial' instead of the better looking 'sandwich dial'.

Then a year later in 2012, Panerai decided to upgrade the PAM 183 and released the Radiomir Black Seal 3 Days Automatic a.k.a PAM 388 reviewed here. Also fitted with a cushion-shaped stainless steel case measuring 45mm in diameter and with detachable wire lugs, the 388 maintains the historical look of the 183 but with a date function, an in-house 3-day power reserve automatic movement and a black alligator strap with beige contrast stitching.

As of last week, these three new models, updated the Radiomir collection with two watches equipped with Panerai's new in-house 8 days manual wound calibre P. 5000. Both the Radiomir Black Seal 8 Days and the Radiomir 8 Days feature this new in-house movement. It is important to not forget that the Radiomir line already counted with several 8-day power reserve watches that were produced between 2004 and 2011. Two of these Radiomir references —PAM 190 and PAM 197— were powered by the manual wound calibre OP XIV, an 8-day power reserve movement based off of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 1877, equipped with a power reserve indicator on the movement side. Then later in 2007, the Radiomir 8 Days PAM 268 was released with the in-house calibre P.2002 as its beating heart. This 8 Days Radiomir additionally featured a date function and a linear power reserve indicator on the dial. Then the PAM 346 and the PAM 384 were released in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

The 8 days power reserve is part of Panerai’s history as the long lasting power reserve was essential for the frogman commandos of the Italian Navy, who during their missions could count on an instrument of long lasting reliability.

These new Radiomir watches feature 'sandwich dials' to creating sharp outlines for the numeral and hour markers ensuring high legibility even under water. Below you will see the new Radiomir Black Seal 8 Days PAM 609, followed by the Radiomir 8 Days PAM 610.

Now, the Radiomir 1940 collection of which only seven references existed up to date —PAM 512, PAM 513, PAM 514, PAM 515, PAM 572, PAM 573, PAM 587— has now been enhanced with the Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic PAM 619, the first model of the series presented in titanium with a gorgeous tobacco brown dial —we wish we liked titanium cases because the watch is a stunner.

The Radiomir 1940 pays homage to the historical evolution of the Radiomir case, when back in 1940, Panerai decided to revamp the original Radiomir case with larger and much more solid lugs —being milled from the same block of steel as the case—, that would allow easier and more secure strap changes. While previously it had been necessary to sew the leather round the wire strap attachments, the new construction had little holes in the lugs themselves in which a small tubular bar could be fitted, having been inserted through the loop of the strap. This was a more modern solution, which also meant that the leather strap could be replaced easily. As well as the modification to the strap attachments, other changes altered the Radiomir case in a definitive way, presaging the subsequent development of the shape of the Luminor case which came out a few years later. The cushion-shaped outlines were now less accentuated. The winding crown was slightly larger and cylindrical rather than troncoidal. At that time, the overall thickness of the watch also increased from about 15 mm to almost 17 mm and so was the Radiomir 1940 born. Today's Radiomir 1940 is slightly thinner but endowed with the strength and fascination that only being a part of history can convey.

The new Officine Panerai Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic Titanium PAM 619 is classic, with a large 45mm cushion case, pure minimalistic lines and a warm exotic brown dial. The piece is powered by the automatic in-house calibre P.4000, which is the brand's first automatic movement with an off-centered micro rotor allowing for a thinner and lighter timepiece.

Sticker Price $6,400 USD for Radiomir Black Seal 8 Days PAM 609, $6,800 USD for Radiomir 8 Days PAM 610 and $10,700 USD for Radiomir 1940 3 Days Automatic Titanium PAM 619. For more info on Officine Panerai click here.