News: Presenting the New Ressence Type 5 Diving Watch. The First Mechanical Diving Watch with No 'Total Internal Reflection' Under Water.

Today we are presenting you the third creation from Ressence. The new Type 5 is a diver's watch that is ISO certified and the first mechanical diving watch to offer a perfect view of the dial at any angle with no mirror reflection under water. The main function of the new Type 5 is telling time, however, the watch is also equipped with ultra-bright blue and green superluminova and a built-in thermometer for the oil temperature. But how does the new Ressence Type 5 avoids the 'mirror reflecting' effect commonly found on all diving watches? Very easily, in order to achieve the best-ever readability underwater, all 142 components of the movement and dial are immersed in 37.5 milliliters of oil. Indeed the use of oil has one ultimate advantage. It cancels out what is known as Total Internal Reflection. Typically, underwater, a traditional diver’s watch needs to be viewed straight on in order to be read properly - otherwise refraction turns the glass into a mirror. But not with the oil-filled Ressence Type 5. The use of oil ensures complete legibility whatever the angle of view. A first for a mechanical watch. The dial, made of convex titanium grade 5 with three eccentric biaxial satellites inclined at 3° for the hours and 4.75° for the thermal gauge and runner provide unparalleled readability with its engraved indications filled with blue and green superluminova.

Rather than protecting the Ressence Type 5 against the pressure of water depth by using a heavy over-sized case and thick glass, they decided to use their oil technology in their advantage. Since the laws of hydraulics state that a liquid cannot be compressed, the oil will compensate for underwater pressure. Ressence Type 5 also benefits from a super lightweight titanium construction. Moreover there are other advantages related to the oil technology. The components are constantly lubricated and since they are suspended in liquid, they are lighter and hence require less power to move, which in turn improves accurate time-keeping.

The Type 5 has been designed to be wearable every day, both in and out of the water. Made 100% from titanium grade 5, ensuring that it is lightweight —a mere 87grams— and extremely comfortable to wear thanks to its case measuring 46 mm in diameter by 15.5 mm in thickness. The result is both more ergonomic and considerably lighter than any traditional diver’s watch. It takes 324 components and Ressence's state-of-the-art innovations for the new Type 5 to express Time in such a pure and natural way.

The watch is designed to meet the ISO 6425 standards and is able to withstand extreme conditions right down to its seamlessly integrated unidirectional rotating bezel.

Just like all other Ressence watches, the Type 5 has no crown and the case-back is used both for winding and setting the time of the watch. However, to ensure maximum water-resistance, a new case-back has been specially developed for the Ressence Type 5. Dubbed the Ressence Compression Lock System, or RCLS , it has a system for the locking and compression of the gasket, with two positions, ‘lock’ and ‘set’.

The crown is the last physical link to the mechanical origins of a watch distracting us from its main function, which is to express Time. Behind the "simplified" setup/winding system lies also the logical principal that one only needs to set the watch when it is stopped. By setting the watch you will wind it at the same time. The whole process is as intuitive as moving the hands on an old wall clock. The entire sapphire case-back fulfills the functions of the crown. The watches are wound up by turning the case back clockwise. Turning the back case in both directions sets the time. Once set, the automatic winding rotor will take over to complete the winding while wearing the watch.


The organic design of the Type 5 takes its inspiration from nature. Evolution has given sea turtles a distinct aqua-dynamic shape to propel themselves easily through water —so what better shape for an amphibious watch? Strapped onto your thermal suit, the Type 5 will conform to your wrist to guarantee optimum hydrodynamic properties. The automatic patented ROCS 5 —Ressence Orbital Convex System— 60-jewel movement driven by the minute axle of a customised 2824/2Caseback winding and time setting with RCLS —Ressence Compression Lock System— provides a power reserve of 36 hours when fully wound while beating at a frequency of 28,800 vph. The watch is equipped with a black Barenia leather strap and an additional black nylon fabric strap.

Sticker Price $35,800 USD. For more info on Ressence watches click here.

Posted on December 10, 2015 and filed under Ressence, Other Brands, News.