News: Presenting the new MB&F Legacy Machine LM1 M.A.D. Dubai Edition. 13 Pieces in Titanium Exclusively Sold at the M.A.D. Gallery in Dubai.

The concept of Friends is such an integral part of MB&F that it's right there in the name: the “F” in MB&F stands for Friends. And few Friends have been as supportive to  the creative horological lab as the Seddiqi family in Dubai. Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons was one of the six core retailers that supported —well before the first watch had been produced— Büsser's vision of a horological laboratory focused on creating kinetic sculptures that give time. And the Seddiqi  family's support has not stopped there; they recently opened an MB&F M.A.D. Gallery in Dubai —the third one after the ones in Geneva and Taipei. To celebrate this long time partnership, MB&F is presenting the Legacy Machine LM1 M.A.D. Dubai as a heartfelt micro-mechanical thank you note.

The new MB&F Legacy Machine LM1 M.A.D. Dubai is a limited edition of just 13 pieces in Ti-6 Al-4V (grade 5) titanium. It is the first Legacy Machine available in this high-tech aerospace grade alloy. First launched in 2011, the Legacy Machine Nº1 (LM1) is a tribute  to the great innovators of traditional watchmaking, with its  monumental central balance, superlatively finished movement, completely independent dual time zones, unique vertical power reserve indicator and elegant annular case.

But above all, it is an authentic three-dimensional MB&F Machine. Gazing down through LM1's crystal-clear bubble sapphire dome to the micro-mechanical fantasy below, it's easy to imagine Jules Verne’s Captain Nemo looking upon the mythical underwater city of Atlantis. The LM1 M.A.D. Dubai edition is easily distinguished from its stable mates by the eye-catching vivid green of its CVD-treated —chemical vapor deposition— movement main plate, as well as the Arabic-Hindi numerals of the 'home time' subdial.

It is also worth emphasizing that the MB&F LM1 is one of very few dual time zone watches offering completely independent setting of both hours and minutes. Green CVD —Chemical Vapor Deposition— has only recently become an option; the  color has long been considered too unstable for commercial applications. While applying green CVD is a long process, light playing over the verdant surface creates spectacularly contrasting hues of blue and purple. Why titanium? While Legacy Machines are generally cased in precious metals, there is no mistaking the pedigree of this high-performance element. The specific alloy of titanium used for LM1 M.A.D. Dubai is Ti-6Al-4V, which is a blend of pure titanium with 6% aluminium, 4% vanadium and trace amounts of iron and oxygen. The Ti-6 Al-4V alloy is significantly stronger than commercially pure titanium and has an excellent combination of lightness, strength, and resistance to corrosion. The case measures 44 mm in diameter x 16 mm thick at the center including the domed sapphire crystal.

LM1's transcendental in-house movement bears testimony to the enormous talent of its creators, Jean-François Mojon of Chronode and Kari Voutilainen. Immaculate Geneva waves, highly polished gold chatons, and bridges with impeccably executed bevels following deliberate internal angles —which cannot be finished by machine— showcase the movement's absolutely peerless fine finishing. The LM1’s movement proudly bears the names of both its creators, and is the first calibre other than Voutilainen's own to bear his name. This movement, composed of 279 parts and 23 jewels beats at a frequency of 18,000 vph to provide a power reserve of 45 hours when fully wound.

With Legacy Machine Nº1, MB&F has majestically reinterpreted traditional 19th-century watchmaking excellence to create a contemporary, three-dimensional objet d'art. Legacy Machine Nº1 was awarded the Public Prize —voted for by horology fans— and the Best Men’s Watch Prize —voted for by the jury— at the 2012 Grand Prix d'Horlogerie de Genève. The new MB&F LM1 M.A.D. Dubai limited edition is exclusively available in a limited edition of 13 pieces and through the MB&F M.A.D.Gallery in Dubai.

Sticker Price 308,000 AED United Arab Emirates Dirham —approximately $84,000 USD. For more info on MB&F click here and for Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons here.