News: MB&F L'Epée 1839 Grant Clock. A 50-Piece Limited Edition in Three Colors that is Named after a World War II Tank.

MB&F and L’Epée 1839 continue with their partnership and this time unveil another robot clock by the name of Grant. Named after a World War II Tank also known as the Medium Tank, this M3 was a mid-size American tank utilized by the British and nicknamed 'Grant' in honor of Union general Ulysses S. Grant who led the Union Army to defeat the Confederacy and whom became POTUS succeeding Andrew Johnson. And just like that famous American Tank, the new MB&F L'Epée robot clock is an all-terrain machine where Mad Max meets Transformers.

Grant is a robot with a time display on his shield and a mission to slow things down when time runs too fast. There are no incessantly flashing digital numerals on Grant’s shield, no constantly spinning second hand. Grant transforms frantic chaos into relaxing hours and minutes, and that’s all the time you really need. With three operational rubber tracks, MB&F's Grant can also transform into one of three different positions:

Position 1

Grant’s torso folds flat in his lap with his shield/time display lying horizontal across his back. This flat position enables the time to be easily read if Grant is significantly lower than the viewers’ eyes and, in this relatively stable position, the winding key will wind the 8-day mainspring.

Position 2

Grant’s torso locks securely into place at 45 degrees, from which he transforms into a more recognizably robotic shape. In this angled position, if resting on a desk or table, the time display is easily seen whether the viewer is sitting or standing.

Position 3

Grant’s torso sits up straight at 90 degrees to his chassis, with his shield now lying vertically along his back. In this position, Grant looks most like the Mad Max warrior he sometimes longs to be and the key will now set the time.

MB&F Grant’s 8-day, in-line manufacture movement features the same superlative fine finishing as found on the MB&F timepieces with Geneva waves, anglage, polishing, sandblasting, plus circular and vertical satin finishing. Available in three different finishes —nickel, black or blue— in a 50-piece limited edition for each variation, Grant's left arm holds a spinning disk, while his right arm clasps a removable grenade launcher that is removable and doubles as the winding and time-setting key for his 8-day clockwork.

Sticker Price $22,000 USD. For more info on MB&F click here.