News: Eberhard & Co. and The Gran Premio Nuvolari. The Story of a Lasting Passion.

Press Release 

The countdown has started for one of the most hotly-anticipated classic car events: on the 20th of September, Piazza Sordello in Mantua will be the location of the starting line for the 23rd edition of the Gran Premio Nuvolari, the world’s leading regularity race in terms of technical difficulty and second-ranked in number of crews and kilometers raced.

As ever the prestigious Swiss watchmaker Eberhard & Co. will bring its unmistakable style and elegance as official timekeeper, marking every precious moment experienced by competitors in this spectacular event. There is a strong and lasting bond between the brand, which specializes in the production of highly technical timepieces, and the fascinating world of speed and classic motor racing. The connection dates back to 1991 when the watchmaker dedicated a special collection of chronographs to the greatest driver of all time, Tazio Nuvolari, and became the Sponsor of the Gran Premio Nuvolari. Since then, it has been the event’s official timekeeper and sponsor.

This bond with classic cars has strengthened over time and in 2010 the company made an exceptional partnership with the Mantuan scuderia Classic team, led by Corrado Corneliani. Classic team Eberhard debuted at the Gran Premio Nuvolari that same year and since then it has been supported by the company in all of the most important competitions. “As part of our sponsorship activities we participate in many of
the most important vintage car events,” said Mario Peserico, Managing Director of Eberhard. “We select those that best reflect our brand’s style, elegance, sophistication and attention to detail. For us, Nuvolari is still the event we feel closest to, given the importance of the competition - this year the great Italian and foreign drivers will be separated by just 100ths of seconds. But above all because of the beauty and charm
of a competition in which every curve and straight harks back to the myth of one of the greatest drivers of all time. We all get behind our team, which put in an outstanding performance at last year’s Nuvolari and which continues to thrill us, from the Italian Championship to the team’s victory at Mendola-Mendel History, and as the first-placed team in the Summer Marathon, to name just our most recent successes.”

The winners of the GP Nuvolari will be awarded an Eberhard & Co. timepiece, and all competitors will enjoy the immeasurable pride of having participated in such a unique event. The Gran Premio Nuvolari will also see the official presentation in Italy of the new model from the Tazio Nuvolari collection: Tazio Nuvolari Vanderbilt Cup Naked. 

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