Insider: MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement Titanium Green. A Watch with an Incredibly Iridescent Dial.

First released in 2017, the MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement is now also available in grade 5 titanium, sporting a sun-ray CVD green dial and in a highly exclusive 33-piece limited edition. With an incredibly iridescent green dial that depending on lighting conditions appears blueish or even pinkish like a mother-of-pearl dial, the new MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement Titanium Green features a 14 mm wide balance that seems to oscillate on its own without any visible escapement wheel and anchor. Turning the watch over reveals the escapement and its components concealed almost 12 mm below, hence, the name ‘Split Escapement’.

Things to Know About the Watch

With the balance wheel taking the center stage, the triple-subdial design of the new MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement Titanium Green features a very well balanced look with time indication at 12 o’clock, power reserve indicator at 4 o’clock and date indicator at 8 o’clock. The exquisitely finished dial is actually the mainplate of the movement that has been CVD-treated —chemical vapor deposition— in a blue-greenish hue and finished with a sun-ray motif that highly contrasts against the white lacquered ring subdials.

In a generous but light 44 mm grade 5 titanium case, the date can be quickly and easily adjusted thanks to a pusher on the left caseband. This rectangular pusher is automatically deactivated around midnight, when adjustments should not be made to avoid damaging the movement.

The Movement

The Split Escapement was first developed by Stephen McDonnell for the previous Legacy Machine Perpetual. This Split Escapement allows for MB&F's signature flying balance wheel to exist in its purest form, floating high above the dial, while the rest of the escapement —anchor and escape wheel— is located on the opposite side of the movement. The movement provides a power reserve of 72 hours while beating at a frequency of 18,000 vph. This manual wound movement is composed of 314 parts, 35 jewels and it features the longest escapement shaft in watchmaking that is almost 12 mm long.

On the Wrist & Price

On the wrist, the MB&F LM Split Escapement Titanium Green wears true to its size and just like all other iterations of this watch. The suspended balance wheel at the center of the dial is very impressive and captivating. The mirror polished arches serve as the bridge holding the balance wheel and adding yet another interesting dimension to the watch.

The new MB&F Legacy Machine Split Escapement is available in a limited edition of only 33 pieces and supplied with a brown hand-stitched alligator strap with titanium folding buckle. The other four different versions all in 18K white gold cases with “frosted” dial plates in blue, ruthenium, rose gold or yellow gold are available in an 18-piece limited edition —probably all already sold out.

Sticker Price $68,000 USD. For more info on MB&F click here.