Insider: The Iconic Rolex GMT Master Nipple Dial 'Rootbeer' ref. 16753

Also known as the 'eye of the tiger', 'tigerauge' or 'occhio di tigre' because of the resemblance of its dial to the semi-precious stone with the same name, the GMT Master ref. 16753 with brown dial is an iconic vintage Rolex reference. Typically, more vintage looking when fitted with a jubilee bracelet instead of an oyster bracelet. The example included here, is in the 6.1 million serial range circa 1979 with a quick-set feature and a pristine clean matte dial.

This beautiful specimen very popular among Italian vintage watch collectors is not as rare and hard to find as one would think. Now, finding one with a naturally faded bezel insert and with no flaking to little flaking on the dial is hard to come across. Most nipple dials from the 70s start to show some flaking and discoloration due to unstable elements in the paint used back then to create the dials.

Posted on April 1, 2013 and filed under Rolex.