Insider: Richard Mille RM052-01 Skull Tourbillon Pink Rubies, Black Sapphires and Diamonds. A Unique Piece Priced at Only $720K USD.

A while back, we brought you our hands-on review of the Richard Mille RM052-01 Skull Tourbillon here. Today, we bring you a special iteration of this amazing timepiece encrusted with pink rubies, black sapphires and diamonds. The Richard Mille RM052-01 Skull Tourbillon Rubies, Black Sapphires and Diamonds is a Unique Piece that takes its inspiration from the previous model presented in 2013 and from its predecessor the RM052 released in 2012. The Richard Mille RM052-01 Unique Piece features a TZP ceramic bezel and case back with a middle case in 18K rose gold with black round sapphires with a solid red gold skull with pink rubies, black sapphires and diamonds.

The Dial

The dial is composed of a solid 18K rose gold skull that appears suspended at the center of the watch and held by four bridges —resembling the bones on a skull and bones— that have been meticulously sculpted and finished with the utmost care and perfection. The beveling on the edges of the skull and the tourbillon located inside its jaws is beyond beautiful. The placement of the tourbillon and overall design of this timepiece breaks with all the norms of what tourbillon watches typically look like.

The jewel of the tourbillon is placed between the upper and lower jaw for an even more striking and impressive look. For this unique piece, the look of the skull has been further enhanced by encrusting on the skull, no less than 100 pink round rubies, no less than 95 black round sapphires, seven baguette-cut diamonds and one baguette-cut black sapphire.

The Case

Following the traditional tripartite case construction with five-point star screws and the over-sized crown with rubber ring, the Richard Mille RM052-01 Skull Tourbillon Pink Rubies, Black Sapphires and Diamonds Unique Piece stays true to the brand's values and essence with a case measuring 42.70 mm in width, 50 mm in length and 15.95 mm in thickness. The 18K rose gold middle case, features no less than 144 black round sapphires delicately encrusted on its ridges and its crown with o-ring rises in all glory.

The Movement

Every opening on the front of the skull allows for a partial view of the RM052 calibre inside —this 19 jewel manual wound movement with tourbillon, provides a power reserve of 48 hours when fully wound. The watch is of course fitted with a display case back with anti-reflective treatment on both sides that allows for full view of the back of the skull where jewels and winding wheels can be fully appreciated. The amount of work from a design perspective and from a horological standpoint is almost unfathomable. Additionally, this time, the back of the solid 18K rose gold skull also features and impressive pave work with no less than 90 pink round rubies and no less than 55 black round sapphires.

The Strap

Just like all other Richard Mille Skull Tourbillons, the RM052-01 Skull Tourbillon Pink Rubies, Black Sapphires and Diamonds Unique Piece, is fitted with a black vented rubber strap with double-folding clasp in 18K rose gold.

On the Wrist & Pricing

On the wrist, the watch wears extremely comfortable and not as heavy as one would expect considering the 18K red gold middle case —total weight of the watch is 160.4 grams. The watch does wear high on the wrist but with a wrist presence that is just out of this world. This unique piece is exclusively sold at Richard Mille boutiques, unless it has already been sold after the publishing of this hands-on review.

Sticker Price $720,000 USD. For more info on Richard Mille click here.