Insider: Porsche 964 Racing Car. Cruising the Racetracks of America Since 1990.

A few days ago, we were invited by one of our watchlifestyler friends to take a closer look at some of his Audemars Piguet watches and his Porsche 964 Racing Car. This gorgeous racing car is a 1990 964 that started its life as a regular street car before turning into a podium maker.

The previous owner started tracking it on open lap days until he decided to finally race it and make it into a full blown race car. This Porsche 964 bearing the race number 971 has a long history of races and victories. Initially raced at Road America, this powerful six-cylinder made its way to other important tracks including Gingerman Raceway, Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, Putnam Park Road Course, Sebring International Raceway and Daytona International Speedway. 

Purchased in 2006 by our friend, the car has seen numerous changes along the way. From an engine rebuilt —as a piston had scored the inside of a cylinder wall— to the fitting of adjustable shocks —JRZ race type— and the installment of a full computer to gather and report full AIM race data including lap times, break pressure, track GPS info, steering angle, oil pressure and temperature, acceleration, RPM and everything else that goes on with the car performance while racing. 

Currently, this beauty races in the G-Class Prepared category in the Porsche Club of America.  It's in the Prepared Class —not the Stock Class— because several modifications have been done including the addition of Turbo 911 brakes, a different transmission ratio, a rear wing and a front splitter and also considerable weight reduction. This car has over a dozen podiums and it's very competitive in its class.  Additionally, Patrick Long —a Porsche works driver— has driven this car as well. 

The car features a flat six-cylinder 3.6L fuel injection engine that provides 290hp with an acceleration from 0-60mph in just 5.5 seconds. The car comes with all the racing gear necessary to conquer the tracks including a carbon fiber rear wing, extra-wide slick tires, ABS brakes, a Recaro Hans driver seat, a Recaro Pole Position passenger seat, adjustable suspension, full interior cage rollbars and a detachable Momo steering wheel. Our friend is an experienced driver that races this car with the pedal to the metal while keeping track of his lap times with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore 25721ST.OO.1000ST.01

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