Insider: Omega De Ville Diamond Encrusted Central Tourbillon. Nicknamed 'Bellagio' and Priced at $700K USD.

A few months ago, we were invited by our friends at Omega to a very exclusive retreat along with some other VIP Omega collectors. During that retreat, Omega hosted an informal presentation of this amazing diamond encrusted central tourbillon timepiece nicknamed at the time 'Bellagio'. This fascinating timepiece featuring a central tourbillon with encrusted diamonds is a unique piece recently completed by the master watchmakers at the manufacture and worth $700,000 USD.

What makes this timepiece so special is the fact that not only its tourbillon cage is encrusted with diamonds but also the bridges on the movement as well as around its bezel and case. If you like bling, it really doesn't get any better. Fitted with a traditional Omega De Ville case in platinum measuring 38.7 mm in diameter this exceptional timepiece is a true work of art. The Omega De Ville Central Tourbillon is not only the first and only central tourbillon watch ever made, but it's also a watch that is crafted by a very select group of horologists from Omega.

Fitted with a sapphire crystal dial, the wearer can enjoy an uncompromised full view of the tourbillon and the rest of the movement. Its mesmerizing tourbillon cage is located at the center of the dial and it rotates completely once every minute. The gold accented seconds hand is fixed directly to the tourbillon cage. The dial features two superimposed sapphire discs on which the hour and minutes hands are etched in the shape of arrowheads in gold. The size of both hands is quite similar, making it somewhat difficult to tell time —not a deal breaker as you will be hypnotized by its central tourbillon and after contemplating it for hours, who cares about what time it is. 

This watch is powered by Omega's automatic calibre 2600 which provides a power reserve of approximately 45 hours when fully wound. This movement is an Officially Certified Chronometer. Unfortunately, the backside of the calibre is not visible as this watch is fitted with a solid case back that is beautifully engraved with an image of 'Chronos' —the ancient Greek personification of time. The main difference between this watch and the other De Ville Central Tourbillon watches is that this one is missing the words 'Tourbillon' and 'Chronometer' on its case back.

The traditional crown located at 3 o'clock is only used to wind the watch —if necessary— as the time is set using the flat crown placed on the case back near the 9 o'clock position. This is a very interesting feature and something that was necessary from a mechanical and design standpoint as the hands are etched onto the two superimposed sapphire discs.

This Omega De Ville Diamond Encrusted Central Tourbillon is fitted with a dark chocolate brown alligator strap with a comfortable and easy to use deployant buckle. Even though the watch is water resistant to a depth of 30 meters, we wouldn't recommend getting the strap wet and ruining it. We've said this before about other watches fitted with crocodile or alligator straps that are not suitable for swimming.

On the wrist, this timepiece wears quite comfortably and true to its size. While diamonds are not our cup of tea, we think that if you have the right personality and the money to buy this watch, this is a watch that can make you very happy when partying with the elite in Las Vegas.

If you want to own one of the most unique tourbillons out there, this Omega De Ville Central Tourbillon fits the bill as it is the world's first and only central tourbillon and for sure the only one with diamond encrusted tourbillon cage and diamond encrusted movement bridges.

Sticker Price $700,000 USD. For more info on Omega click here.